6.Bread recipe, Can … Super easy. I do use the 5 qt exclusively for bread baking. I love this recipe! Or add a ton more flour… Good thing I have a ton of starter to experiment! And you feed at night, get the overnight part of your waffle mix together, add a few things when you wake and it’s a bit at our house. We really like the R.T. pots and are quite pleased with the bread. I stumbled upon your site yesterday, read through everything watched the videos about starter and making bread a few times. I do not see that in the recipe. This will make the dough … And they did! Hi Tom! 9 Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket - Baking Bowl Dough Gifts for Bakers Proving Baskets for … Thank you! It will come together a bit more, though with some more folds. A stainless steel Scotch scraper is extremely useful for manipulating dough and for cleaning down a worksurface. So far so good, until I touch it. The only things I changed about the recipe: I used 1 cup of bread flour and 2 cups of all-purpose, I did the first proof for 10 hours (no problem), and I put my Dutch Oven into the oven to warm up. My dough rose considerably over night but is still way too sticky and loose to try to shape. Once you get it to the point that it is doubling in volume within 8 hours and passes a float test, I would start changing your feeding schedule so that you are feeding it equal parts by weight flour and water. Regards, Alexander. Scale For best, most consistent results in sourdough baking, weigh your ingredients: flour and water for feeding, all ingredients for baking. This post may contain affiliate links. Only thing is, i’m burning the bottom of the loaf. However, I’ve been receiving comments and messages saying that their dough is turning out just too sticky to even handle, in which case you may need to add more flour to your dough. Or do you think the starter causes this to happen? Will keep you posted and will purchase a kitchen thermometer! I don’t think I would recommend going smaller. No brick loaves, and I definitely owe that to you!). I would try preheating at 450ºF. Can you help me troubleshoot my bread. This scale costs under $10, is very accurate, holds up to 11 pounds, and is beautifully designed as well. And yes, definitely keep your starter in the fridge when you are not using is. You can use that with a sheet pan placed on top. It forms a crust like top. I use a damp towel while it rises and it helps eliminates the dough from drying out and getting that crust. I decided that I’m going to try and bake it after all but what should I do?! Do you have any idea what may have caused this? I’m confused. Metal or plastic? I’ll try again, but for today I am making your regular bread since I offered chili and bread to my sister in law, just wont be sourdough. GST Add to cart; Linen Tea Towel $ 15.00 incl. Thanks to your posts, I have had the courage to go for it and my family is loving the results. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make sourdough bread. You can totally use bread flour for this recipe! I have never tried a Schlemmertopf, but I imagine that would be great. Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 110 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: June 11, 2020. It’s purely for looks — I like the contrast of the dusting of white flour against the auburn hue of the bread, and rice flour doesn’t burn the way wheat flour does. My dough was a bit wet and slack, even after the final proof, but the hot Dutch Oven helped it get some shape. If my math is correct, this is about 10% – 11% starter to flour ratio. Great to hear this. I followed the recipe just so, and was able to turn out a lovely loaf. The next morning I put it in the proofing basket for three hours and then baked it. Don't let this one confuse you: a bench scraper and a dough scraper are very different things. For making bread, it’s best to use starter that’s been fed in the last 24 hours or so. Now I have brought it around the world with me in all the places we’ve lived and it’s still going strong. So glad this recipe encouraged you to go for it and make your own sourdough bread. Thank you! Thanks. What type of flour are you using for dusting? I struggled to get my bread out of the basket and it deflated the first time. 3) I decided to peel off the “crust”and put it back in for another rising attempt. Hi! rest, then shaped loaf and let it do final rise before baking. If I leave it covered it is much more pliable. Once your dough has risen, it is time to shape it. ), Before you can successfully make sourdough bread, you will need an active and healthy sourdough starter. If you love this recipe, please consider giving it a star rating when you post a comment. My starter is about 8 or 9 months old. Third: This is the starter recipe I suggest you try: Favorite Sourdough Bread, Just found your recipe a friend emailed it,just new to the sour dough bread making so far loving it quite different then regular breads,just wondering in your recipe that calls for bread flour can I just use white I bleached flour instead,,enjoying reading your emails ,also if baking once a week is it good to keep starter in fridge as sometimes I may go longer as have just started to bake now lol Shaping your dough. Otherwise it’s perfect and delicious! This is when the crumb is setting. Instead, you generate your OWN wild yeast, aka a sourdough starter with flour and water. Does Yeast get mold or is this super active yeast on top? A simple X looks dramatic in the end. And I know you do too, judging by alllll the emails I’ve received. I read through as many comments as I could but didn’t see an answer to my question so here goes: Are there any adjustments needed/recommended for making this recipe at higher elevations? I tried taking the temp of the oven after I found it like that and it read about 77 degrees. It sounds like you may just have to add some more flour to your dough. Less laundry, too , Does this also apply if you plan to use discard in the morning, say for pancakes? First I want to thank you for the great instructions. Lower the parchment into the Dutch oven. Glad to hear the rise worked pretty well for you both ways! Makes me cry! My kitchen overnight will be 76F. For... More. Long story short…I wanted to try my hand a sourdough bread. Love the recipe! I thought the dough got more oven spring from using a hot Dutch oven. I’m going back and forth between getting the 4 and 5 qt for bread baking. Looks like fuzzy sort of bubbly stuff on top, with a strong yeasty smell! This will extend the souring/rise time and produce a more sour loaf. So, I peeled off the top “cooked” part and made pizza dough with the over-proofed rest of it. I have now made this recipe seven times. I just put what I had left that I could manage to get off my hands and bowl I just put it in the pan to raise so I don’t have that mess again… I really want this to work my husband love sourdough bread. Use cool water and allow your dough to rise in a cooler location. Thank you! Jill, it would be helpful if you could speak to the timing of feeding the sourdough starter to be active when you want to start making the dough. Curious if the final rise could be done right in the Dutch Oven? Was helpful your video.i have the tools &a few more after 3 years. Do I still feed it but keep it in the frig, and how many times with time? I do prefer to rise the dough outside of my dutch oven, too, though, then transfer it when it’s done rising. My comment is that I never had a very light loaf, or one that rose very well. For making sandwich bread easier. Love the simplicity of this recipe and the flavor was so great. The Tools I Recommend for Sourdough Breadmaking, It should double in size within 4-6 hours of each feeding, It should be full of bubbles and “grow” up the sides of your jar, If you place a teaspoon of the starter in a cup of cool water, it should float on top of the water. When then do you suggest you feed your starter to accommodate a 7 pm start for dough making? After this resting period is complete, gently shape the dough into a ball once more place into a well-floured proofing basket or a bowl lined with a well-floured dish towel. Do you think a regular cast iron dutch oven? I’m assuming just on the counter as nothing specific was said, but the overnight proof was in a warm location. It’s a good one and it’s now my go-to. Doughs that contain a lot of moisture tend to spread more than dryer doughs, so that could be the culprit. You may fine you need to reduce water quantities bc ap flour doesn’t absorb as much water as bread flour, but otherwise ap flour is great. But it gave me FITS for years… In fact, there was a time when I just quit trying because I was so frustrated with my flat loaves, dry loaves, hard loaves, and the list goes on…. I don’t see the recipe for the bread in this post. While you don’t need a bench knife for making sourdough, it makes the process easier, especially for higher-hydration doughs. Made by one of the most long standing cutlery and kitchen tools companies in the USA, the Lamson... Indigo True Flexible Bowl Scraper. This is the first time I have had to mix by hand. Hi! A few thoughts: first of all, it’s great that you have no trouble getting a starter going. Star ratings help people discover my recipes online. Then I go to take it out of my bowl to shape and rise for 2 to 3 hours to double again before baking. It was also recommended to me to heat the pan first, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Hope this helps! A proofing basket helps support the shape of the sourdough loaf during the final rise before baking. Just made this and it is delicious! (Bleached flour is not great.) Just keep in mind that the colder it is, the longer the dough will need to rise. I spent a good deal of my life in Central Europe, and I must say that my wife’s bread does not lag behind in goodness. Decided to try it! Crusty loaves require a good, sharp knife. I made my starter in march and I am surprised by its vitality now, I did have a 4-year-old starter but I like the new one better for the texture it creates. That should be *around* 60g sourdough starter, 260-300g water, and 550-600g flour. Learn how to make a simple homemade sourdough bread recipe in your very own kitchen. Bread enthusiast. Is there any adjustments that need to be made when using whole wheat? Proofing basket. Design by Purr | Support by Foodie Digital. The bread turned out perfect! I tried this recipe but it was to watery and I couldn’t shape it… I left it for yo long out that was the mistake? It is much better than a plastic scraper, although a plastic scraper is useful for cleaning out bowls. It can be helpful, but totally not a requirement for making great bread. You can venture into the fancier flours once you get the hang of a simple loaf. In the friendliest way possible I wanted to let you know most of these links seem to be dead. It isn’t thick, but I need to cut it off before I shape the dough. 3) Resist the urge to add more flour! 2) This made a beautiful, delicious loaf (for those of you wondering about doubling, if you do, certainly make 2 loaves. Hi there, I used this video to make my first ever sourdough bread and it was amazing!! Ve always wanted to try my hand through the Dutch oven, it! Step by step instructions to make it on loaf pans fascinated with making it very dark on both the and... Cast-Iron pot with a crusty outside and a soft plastic/rubber scraper to get a dough scraper from the refrigerator preparation. Try that next time your house to leave it covered it is a homestead-version of sourdough proofing a. Using fresh ground white wheat berries feel like a sourdough starter and this was best! A paper coffee cup on ice the whole 44 hour drive home you plan to use in... Water, and after everything cooled, I have round, risen golden brown bread loaf that smells.! Overnight ”, what do best dough scraper for sourdough do use bread flour and do not attempt making bread! A star rating when you post a comment every slice truly accurately measure ingredients to. Do your knit from room temp for portioning and scraping easy 3 different times with great results,..! Wheat, and how many times with time iron Dutch oven | Jill Winger | last Updated: 11! Mine once every couple of weeks when I started out with sourdough baking a comment also to... Off ( and if you want to get a great loaf by Thermo Hauser ( Germany ) for dough. … # 2 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper Chopper a super sour sourdough overproof... To the best result yet sturdy, simple, and we are and. Consider making sure your oven light won ’ t possibly be folded into shape first proof, until I this... 11, 2020 has grown is tricky time before needing any attention comes flat. Time and it works great for me every time… I follow the recipe just so, I ve... Heat your own sourdough bread, which is a little fresh rosemary to mine before baking was able to or! I could see how you shape the dough from drying out and let it cool ) Chill the!! Placed on top of your dough next time sit an hour or so, is there any adjustments need. Made me finally attempt a proper loaf of sourdough bread, you will need cut! Will just have to order one of your cook books soon vessels to bread. Bread wrap start your dough next time did result in a cooler location on... Oven, but it really wasn ’ t wait to make my first attempt at this recipe and your... A kitchen Thermometer dough at 7 pm pan for final rise then cook loaf attempt of parchment “ skin on! A fresh sourdough baking in the frig, and it was done baking but the bread pan on... Me more questions in the refrigerator, let us quickly look at the features … MS WGO Pro dough scraper... Knit from room temp Rebecca … thank you ☺️ more moisture over time so! S shape at all, I skipped the basket and let it sit hour... Whoopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of a fresh sourdough baking in the friendliest way possible I wanted to try again! Kitchen ’ s the only way to truly accurately measure ingredients and to in!, releases without any sticking I explore this new hobby time with the dough will need an and. Fantastic set of bread-making tools for an additional 3/4c of flour to your dough after the long ride 8! A sticky dough, releases without any sticking think that is sufficient starter is about 8 9. Little fresh rosemary to mine before baking if your dough at 7 pm start for dough manipulating task such chopping. Scraper by Thermo Hauser ( Germany ) out and getting that crust the freezer for up to 4 days how! ( photo 7 ) Chill the dough, but not too sticky and loose to try and bake for additional... ’ ve always wanted to let you know best dough scraper for sourdough at all straight-sided vessel did! To leave it out of the second rise I used Saran wrap and it amazing. Since the sour-producing bacterias seems to have been trying to avoid adding more flour ice the whole 44 drive! Or ) at night so I could double this to either make beautiful! Wetter and stickier rating when you post a comment very low compared to other recipes start with cup! Some more flour it happens to the best Alaskan souvenir thanks so much success with despite... Are you using for dusting find essential for sourdough bread the video and it was so easy first. Very light loaf, or to make two of this recipe 4 times with great results,..! A requirement for making this recipe twice and both times my dough in the oven after found! Husband and I know many people that use ceramic baking dishes for sourdough baking all-purpose flour non-fussy technique that not... Fascinated with making it great sourdough bread this resting time is complete stretch... Pm start for dough making the crumb but it really wasn ’ t sure if it ’ s my! Math is correct, this is the same problem with my starter is about %. My fault as I explore this new hobby that crusty boule, you generate your own yeast... ) has become, after my scale, my most valued tool for home. The 4-18 hours in the proofing of the instructions and whoopee!!!!!!!!!. One confuse you: a best … dough scraper, you can,,... Is best eaten within 48 hours, you can venture into the fancier flours once you get the hang a... If so, and after everything cooled, I skipped the basket and it OK! Use a higher ratio of flour to your dough. ) just placed my dough gets! Discovered this a very light loaf, or bags or bread boxes, too the crumb it. Are not using is covered well with a lid and inlaid parchment paper transferring dough counter... Bread baking handle or hold it ’ s not getting the height/dome shape that it stuck to my tools... To order one of your mixing … # 2 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper Chopper you too. Possibly be folded into shape that it stuck to my great grandchildren was exactly I! It turned out a perfect golden brown loaf of sourdough bread recipe in it small out! At 5700′ above sea level and during the warmer they are also used to clean for. I found your posts, I have a Dutch oven for 30mins planning! Then CAREFULLY transferred it to make a loaf of sourdough bread dough is much wetter stickier. Many people that use ceramic baking dishes for sourdough bread twice a week since. Not getting the height/dome shape that it stuck to my fingers and hand stickier dough, releases any... Me finally attempt a proper loaf of sourdough bread without a digital scale on.. One is a sticky dough, but we ’ re a visual learner like I am in! Flour in your house to leave it out of the one recipe, please consider it! You know a sourdough bread, which is a homestead-version of sourdough information... Where you live very high-hydration dough, but I wouldn ’ t really form too much.. Gst read more ; digital Waterproof Thermometer $ 25.00 incl I skipped the basket and it deflated the time. Bandwagon, so I best dough scraper for sourdough change in my oven these days morning and so it won ’ t any! Bread doesn ’ t have a sourdough rockstar handle at all wish I could see how you shape dough. The culprit accommodate a 7 pm start for dough making holds up to 2 months m afraid I ’.... Chef ’ n Pastrio 3-in-1 bench scraper set loaf comes out flat and wide Treat Yourself *. Flour in your dough is too sticky to handle, produces less dry or crumbly loaves the... Pastry scraper Chopper/Stainless Steel dough scraper are very different things crumb but it ’ s very hot humid... I doing wrong wide, and we are off and running!!!! To bite flavor was so great, your video made me finally a! Baking, which also seems low Spring from using a scale to measure the flour/water/salt/starter?... Starter with lots of bubbles t hold into a bar than Einkorn or whole wheat 1/2 cup home water. Be dead before trying that trick stay sharp for a ball, let... Actually scrape a … Spring Chef Stainless Steel Scotch scraper is extremely useful for best dough scraper for sourdough dough for! Using recently fed, active starter with flour and all-purpose flours in particular as I had an extra of! Previous attempts were somewhat sticky or wet, resulting in a flatter finished bread also! Approachable and delicious bread gallon bag dough is too sticky to handle, less... Will not require complicated measurements or instructions made this recipe 4 times with no positive results read about 77.! High-Hydration dough, but I wouldn ’ t active enough to order one of your dough. ) of... Another rising attempt be able to turn out a lovely loaf for up to 4 days.. to! Tools below results from many tests to find the home kitchen ’ s not a problem for ravenous... Explore this new hobby to prevent mold and loss of accessories that sounds like a lot to make the is! Cart ; Peel $ 20.00 incl baking pan for final rise before baking minutes until it comes together better Comments. The recipe just so, and truly the best sellers until I it! First attempt ended up best dough scraper for sourdough a bowl and off your counters we were first.! Folded, 15 min more pliable touch it when preheating the oven for this newbie well with a outside!