Come home 2 hrs later to this beautiful fellow. **********************************************************************************, Cup Cake had this fabulous little girl on 4/25/2017. - Miniature cows can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer. We have 3 pets that live on our farm. - Mini cows can pay for themselves when you have calves for sale. Some animals that we breed include mini pigs, goats & sheep, puppies, and large hoof-stock (ponies, cows, alpacas, etc). PREMIUM 2020 GRASS and GRASS / ALFALFA MIX "Horse" Hay for sale!! He is priced at $3,500. Early morning on April 26th to our delight, we find this pretty girl! My hair is soo white! More Info . To date, all of Thor's calves have measured in under 42" at age 3 and classified as full miniatures, but we can't be certain whether Lola will take after her sire, her dam, or mature somewhere in between. Chubbs tested Positive for the short legged/Chondro/bulldog gene. THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR SITE. What an Adorabull Chondro positive HighPark™ heifer. B.Date 5/15/2016. Tater is Chondro Positive. All transactions between owners & visitors to the site are the sole responsibility and … Currently our whole Mini Hereford herd is offered for sale. For Sale $1400, or open to Trade: (for Like same Heifer) or Cow, or Steer. Dan and Robin Riker have over 50 plus years combined experience in the cattle business. Heifers. I'm 1 month old now. I'm 2 weeks old. They can be kept on as little as 1/4 acre of land. This mini cow is not for sale. We are also life time members of the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry. $2,500. (561)846-1848 (cell) Jenise Fry (321)626-0102 (cell( My dossen is getting fluffy. are affectionate, most enjoy being  brushed and petted. on this girl as well as her Dam's short face. ♦      ♦      ♦ […], In addition to the featured heifers listed here, we have 3 other young heifers available now. Ohno, our prized micro miniature Scottish Highland bull, stands just 34.5" tall. Also have a year and half old, polled bull with nice color, conformation and temperament. If you do not see animals listed below that fit your needs or if you would like to learn in more detail what we have available, please Contact Us. Belted Galloway Cattle For Sale In Michigan. We choose mini cows for our program that will produce. She is teaching Cocoa Agility and he's doing great! Moochi says "halter training is for the birds. Miniature cattle sold by Pandarosa Miniature Ranch include Highland, Highpark, Panda, and Panlander pet cattle that excel in the show ring and pasture. *******************************************************************************, We expect this girl to mature approx. I'm sorry but this mini cow will not be for sale. We breed the finest miniature cattle in western Washington. Domino tested NORMAL,  does NOT carry the Bulldog Gene, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________. Two or three may be kept in place of one standard size cow. Calves start arriving in the spring and then we will have mini cows for sale. A miniature cow will wean a calf weighing a higher percentage of her mature weight, thus making them much more economical and efficient. *All calves are polled or disbudded (no Horns), *******************************************************************************************, ********************************************************************************************. Demand for good quality miniature cows is very high. Mulberry Meadow Mini Silky Fainting Goats Elwell, Michigan: KUNEKUNE PIGS FOR SALE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS FOR SALE OUR SCOTTISH HIGHLAND CATTLE ABOUT US 2019 KIDS DOES BUCKS GOAT CHAT OUR BEES CONTACT US We have a few Kunekune piglets left. $0 (Ionia, Belding, Fenwick, Greenville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting $1,000 will work hard to match you with the mini calf/calves you've been searching for. E. arly morning on April 26th to our delight, we find this pretty girl! Dumplin is 1 month old and having another go with the halter. little miniature Highland cross May 30th. My mamma licked my hair straight up, I looked surprised. What a pretty thing with Hazel eyes,  and super tiny! Our Little Acres will work hard to match you with the mini calf/calves you've been searching for. "Mocha", is now called "Nessie" by her family. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________, Domino, a mini HighPark™  bull calf will stay at, Mini Highland cross cow Pumpkin Pie surprised us with, although she was 4 day's over due, she showed very little signs of delivering (I thought I had the wrong date.). Miniature cattle make excellent beef, 4-H, or pet options for low-acreage properties. Mama says "I'm Handsome!". Perfectly marked with deep red points. she is a very sweet girl who has been disbudded. Jules surprised us with this gorgeous girl on. - Miniature cows are wonderful for small acreage owners. Ou We pair a bull that best matches a cow for calves that are highly sought after. I expect this mini cows adult height to be under 38". Still wet and just minutes old. *********************************************************************************************************************************, Lady produced this Handsome bull calf  just, Truth be told, she was trying to steal Cup Cakes, *********************************************************************************************************************. I look brown but I will turn black. Mini cows and Fainting Goats for sale in Wisconsin. I'm gonna snuggle up here. ears and cheeks. We also have some two year old bred heifers who have been bred to a OOOO polled bull. Mini cows are for sale in the spring through summer at Our Little Acres. We get to go play with the goats in the pasture. Miniature Highland cow Lady to the punchline! Fainting goats . She is being sold as midsized at maturity and disbudded. Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed (Over 43" at 3 years of age) Miniature Highland cattle (under 42" at 3 years of age) are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare. Our mini cows are for sale in the spring. We have been in this cattle venture for several years now and our love for Miniature Herefords has only grown. I'm 3 weeks old and everyone says I'm pretty! Miniature Cows can be a great business opportunity. His new mom, Tarah  named him, I think it's an. We hope you find the one that you love and would want to take home for your very own. ome home 2 hrs later to this beautiful fellow, she showed no signs of calving so we were not watching her. This is a great site for, Potential Mini cow owners to get valuable information. Contact us for more info or to be added to our 2020 wait-list. If you are looking for that deep, red color, that is what she produces. STR KEVIN BORN : 7/30/20 Miniature cattle can easily pay for themselves through the sale of calves and potential tax write-offs. Introducing "MOOchi"  a HighPark™ bull calf. Send Photos & Videos; Enhance the Visibility of your Listing It takes me awhile to rev up, but I can GO! Did you know? They are priced at $2,500 each. You've found the “Michigan Belted Galloway Cattle Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom! All of our calves and bred heifers/cows that were for sale during 2019 have been sold. We also have miniature donkeys, Babydoll sheep and Exotic Ducks ducks! I'm pretty spunky and wouldn't stand still for the picture. Miniature White Parks, Miniature HighParks Miniature Belted Galloways, Miniature Highland cattle, Miniature cows for sale in COlorado. By 1989 breeding stock was available for sale. Photos of these animals are to come! Photos of these animals are to come! Thank you for looking around. BABY BULL. Much Better! This little sweetie is a bit more shy then her half sister, but once halter training starts she'll come around. I'm 1 month old. His new mom, Tarah  named him, I think it's an AdoraBULL name. Miniature boston terrier puppies for sale in michigan. If we have adult miniature cows for sale, they will be posted on the mini cows page. Eevee is as short as she is wide, her mama is. Point of Rocks Ranch still maintains 11 separate bloodlines to ensure a sufficient genetic base for breeding of the Miniature … For sale are Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Olde English Babydoll Sheep and Shetland Sheep, Miniature Jersey Cows, Miniature Horses, Donkeys, and Pigs, Rare … Homestead & Miniature Cattle Breeders. This time it's a bull calf, He could be Cutie Pie's twin! What an Adorabull Chondro positive HighPark™ heifer. - Mini cows are affectionate, most enjoy being  brushed and petted. Call to get current ... NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME . See the 2016 SOLD Highland cross calves below. ** Semen Dispersal Sale ** We have lowered the price on all remaining semen Check out our semen sales for more information Cesar sure is stamping his calves with his good looks! Our focus is primarily on Registered Mini Panda’s and Registered Mini America Beltie cows, (Mini Cookie). I'ts cold outside,Brrrr. featuring Miniature Highland cows.. Mini cows are very trainable, some of our sold calves are "doing" agility.. Miniature cows will be for sale in the spring of each year.. We love our goats! Sr. Bulls. tummy, ears and cheeks. ***********************************************************************************************, *************************************************************************************************. We just couldn't bring ourselves to steer him, Bruno is just to nice! I'm 1 month old now. Feel free to reach us at 815-953-9343 or leave us a message here. We had to leave and run and errand that day. Better cheese quality and yield Our miniature Jersey cows and bulls have the Kappa Casein B variant and BB genotype which are associated with increased cheese yield. Cows. Located in Buckley, WA, Rocking L Ranch specializes in breeding miniature and micro miniature Scottish Highland cattle as well as designer Highland crossbreeds. The bulls get registered if they are not destined for “freezer land.” RNK Miss Daisy Registered Miniature Hereford cow. Comments and suggestion are welcome. Pumpkin Pie had this lovely lady at dawn on 5/3/2017. are very sweet, just like having a big outdoor dog. In the late 1960s, Point of Rocks Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas used certified dwarf-free Hereford bloodlines to create the Miniature Hereford cattle we know today. Our Little Acres Specializes in miniature HighPark ™ cows,. ******************************************************************************************************************, ************************************************************************************************************************************************. Mini Cows are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans. $2,000. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. CHECK OUT OUR SALE PAGE Highland Cattle for sale Members of the American Highland Cattle Association Links to favorite sites for Chiropractic work on your critters (and yourself), Transitional livestock feed, Transportation and more. Business polled herefords michigan 48846. Breed him to your Highland girls and get 50% short/mini calves. More Info . Hosted by Meet The Cows . Our first two were “Wit’s End” and “The Duke.” We are members of the American Dexter Cattle Association and most of our cows are registered prior to sale. are small and easier to handle than full sized cows. she is curious and will start halter training soon. What fun! Beagle australian shepherd pit bull terrier border collie bichon frise rottweiler english bulldog corgi miniature. This Little lady may just steal the show! SPRING TRAIL RANCH Miniature Hereford Cattle " One of the finest small herds' in the country "Home NEW CALVES FOR SALE SALE BARN - YEARLINGS BULLS / BOUVIER'S COWS / HEIFERS/CALVES CONTACT US We have 6 Baby Heifers and 8 Baby Bulls for sale listed below . © 2005 - 2021 Bryan Hill Farm & Mountain View Product Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Bogle Farms, Florida, Member of AMZA, IMZA, Florida Miniature Zebu Association, for Sale at all ... Longhorn, cows, calves, Bulls, For Sale, Miniature Zebu, Zebu Cattle, TLBAA, AMZA, IMZA. We always know who is bred to whom as we have 2 breeding pens. Because we are uncertain. He will be a shortie! Created by Mountain View Product Marketing, Inc. This girl is a princess, so her name is Reign. December 14, 2015 - Belted Galloway Cattle, Michigan. Mini-Cows West Presents: Genetically Selected Miniature Cattle The Beef Industry Solution of the Future We've been collecting semen from great bulls for over 20 years. Her birth date is 6/29/2018. miniature bulls, Boston terrier puppies for sale in michigan offer from top breeders and sellers. Miniature Hereford Sales Barn. _______________________________________________________________________________________________. 37 years of that in the show ring.We are striving to achieve excellence in our cattle by breeding with superior Bulls and leading females. The Hereford cattle breed was first started 250 years ago by the Tomkins family in Herefordshire, England.