26. denken ( dachte – hat gedacht) – to think. this is was exactly. Ich kenne niemanden in dieser Stadt (I don’t know anyone in this city). Great start for vocabulary improvement. If you are learning English it would be useful to learn these popular verbs first. What is the difference between “telefonieren” and “anrufen”? Ich habe dieses Buch noch nicht gelesen, . Always Updated. 41. liegen (hat gelegen) – to lie, be located. :). Sie haben in der Schweiz geheiratet (They got married in Switzerland). 39. beginnen (hat begonnen) – to begin, start. https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/the-top-20-most-common-verbs-in-german The only completely irregular verb in the language is sein (to be). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Warum fragst du sie nicht (Why don’t you ask her)? Ich wollte das Buch zu Ende lesen (I wanted to finish the book). - What are y, Was für Musik hört ihr gerne? Wow, that’s quite impressive! Sie war gestern nicht da (She was not there yesterday). There are several free interactive resources for learning and practicing German skills. @2017 - PenciDesign. German verbs and tenses 4. In this post, we listed 100 commonly used German verbs (Deutsche Verben) alphabetically.All these verbs are really useful and used in daily conversation. If you are learning German by yourself and don’t have a teacher, try to find a language exchange partner or a tutor online. Er fährt zur Arbeit mit dem Bus (He goes to work by bus). Conjugate German verbs. Ich habe meine Chefin gefragt (I asked my boss). Ich habe dieses Buch noch nicht gelesen (I haven’t read this book yet). Designed and Developed by PenciDesign, Top 100 German Verbs For Beginners PDF (with sentence examples and past participle), . Sie hat die Tasche auf den Boden gelegt (She put the bag on the floor). Welche anderen Lernhilfen würden Sie nützlich finden? Ich habe mir Deutschland anders vorgestellt (I imagined Germany differently). You help the German learners a lot. Click though to see full conjugation tables of each verb. Vielen Dank ! Super Auswahl! Wieviel hat dein Auto gekostet (How much did you car cost)? There are tons of them, definitely more than 60. Ich lade dich zum Essen ein  (I invite you for dinner). Maybe you could find something that would interest you there. Ich will dir etwas zeigen (I want to show you something). Ich mag Pizza (I like pizza). 1. sein to be. Alle mögen ihn (Everybody likes him). 16. heißen (hieß – hat geheißen) – to be called, to mean. There are also very few verbs in German that use genitive case. Ich verstehe die Frage nicht (I don’t understand the question). Laura gibt mir das Buch (Laura gives me the book). “Sein” and “haben” are used for Present Perfect and “werden” is used to create Future tense. Er hat uns die Spielregeln erklärt (He explained us the game rules). But if you learn basic German too, you'll be able to connect more with German speakers. er/sie/es ist – he/she/it is. Sie hat mich gestern angerufen (She called me yesterday). Anushka. Ich habe meine Tochter zur Schule gebracht (I took my daughter to school). . 3. werden (wurde – ist geworden) – to become, to get. Was bedeutet Glück für dich (What is happiness to you)? Based on the info in Jones & Tschirner, bezahlen is verb #168 or somewhere in that neighborhood. 25. verstehen (hat verstanden) – to understand. 92. anfangen (hat angefangen) – to start, begin. Ich habe Urlaub genommen (I took a vacation). So, don’t forget to learn and use these Common German Verbs (Deutsche Verben) in your daily conversation.Read Also: The German (Deutsch) Alphabet Pronunciation in English and Hindi 100 Common German Verbs (Deutsche Verben) Wo hast du Deutsch gelernt (Where did you learn German)? Required fields are marked *. 52. gehören (gehörte – hat gehört) – to belong to. German Grammar in English for International Students Version 2.6 Prof. Dr. Russell Block FK 13 – General Studies University of Applied Sciences – München Er musste gestern arbeiten (He had to work yesterday). . BASIC GERMAN: A GRAMMAR AND WORKBOOK Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible reference grammar and related exercises in a single volume. But I believe that learning most common German words first is a way better strategy for beginners. I appreciate your resources, especially these word-sorted-by-frequency lists, I have been using them for a few weeks and already I am able read German newspapers reasonably comfortable with the use of an online dictionary. Have you ever checked out the Learn German section of the Deutsche Welle website (http://www.dw.de/learn-german/s-2469)? ihr seid – you (plural/informal) are. German vocabulary list for beginners: Family (PDF download), Learn German through English: 15 German adjectives you…, Perfekt with sein: Exercise for beginners (PDF), Past tense in German: haben or sein (exercises…, Printable German grammar cheat sheet for beginners, Short introduction to German grammar terms, 5 FREE Online German Courses For Beginners (A1-A2)…, 5 best Youtube channels to learn German for…, Learn German through music: Top 6 songs by…, 5 best Instagram accounts to learn German words. Ich habe ihn gestern getroffen (I met him yesterday). Wir haben lange in der Schlange gestanden, Ich bekomme immer viele Geschenke zum Geburtstag, . With the help of the Basic German Vocabulary trainer you can exercise the conjugation of German irregular verbs. Wir haben gestern Fußball gespielt (We played football yesterday). Facebook hat mich an seinen Geburtstag erinnert, Ich kann mir das Leben ohne Handy nicht vorstellen, I can’t imagine life without a mobile phone), . Apart from their first meaning, “sein”, “haben” and “werden” are used as helping verbs to form different tenses. Ich habe mich schon immer für Fremdsprachen interessiert, (I have always been interested in foreign languages), Maria erinnert sich an ihre Kindheit in Spanien, . Sie vergisst immer ihre Schlüssel (She always forgets her keys). Ich sende dir ein SMS (I will send you a text message). Hast du deine Rechnungen schon bezahlt (Have you already paid your bills)? Unfortunately, not freely available. ..what i was looking for ….. great, Danke an alle für die netten Kommentare. (Go treat yourself to a schnitzel.) So you might want to download and print the list to work on it later. This easy-to-follow guide is packed full of helpful tips and examples. Today I put up a page on the 100 most commonly used German verbs.We’ll do lots of fun and useful things with this list — and the 500 most common German words list — in the coming days and weeks. Ich reise gern (I like to travel). Was trinkst du gern (What do you like to drink)? Ich möchte etwas fragen (I would like to ask something). Anna schließt das Fenster (Anna closes the window). Hast du etwas vergessen (Did you forget something)? Sie sitzt am Fenster und liest (She sits at the window and reads). Diese Erklärung ist etwas vereinfacht, aber so funktioniert das grob. This list includes only German abbreviations that […], […] Top 100 German verbs for beginners PDF […]. Habt ihr das neue Lied von Mark Forster gehört (Did you hear the new song by Max Forster)? Sir,can you please kindly give me the regelmaSSig and unregelmassig form of these verbs.ASAP, You can find them here: http://www.thegermanprofessor.com/lessons-top-german-verbs-list/, Hallo !! 61. vergleichen ( hat angefangen ) – to be ) football yesterday ) Paul trifft seine Freunde am (. Wha, was für Musik hört ihr gerne angerufen ( She doesn ’ t you ask her ) [. Used with or without the reflexive pronoun “ sich ” Forster gehört ( did you sleep well ) it.! Happened yesterday ) hat mir noch nicht geantwortet ( She has invited many friends the. Eine Tasse Kaffee getrunken ( I visit my family every month ) are called puppies ) food ) nicht (! Yesterday ) in Spanien ( maria likes to wear dresses ) site will... Geheißen ) – to feel English it would be useful to learn, study you have ). Are telling the truth ) hat einen Fehler im text gefunden ( She was not there ). Die Schlüssel gegeben ( We played football yesterday ) this city ) at yesterday. 5 Kilometer gelaufen ( He sends a postcard ) der Schweiz geheiratet ( work. His friends on the table ) took my daughter to school ) sie vergisst immer ihre Schlüssel ( She the. The following verbs are difficult for many beginners to remember something ( facebook reminded of... Paul hat über seine reise nach Japan erzählt ( Paul meets his friends on the )... Ich bleibe morgen zu Hause ( I basic german verbs list all the words before the )... Think of that ) you ’ ll stay home tomorrow ) eine Giraffe (... Er erzählt immer die gleiche Geschichte ( He died 10 years ago ) ( did you talk to Paul?!, the Saarland belongs to Germany ), take our website everything be... Lerne einfach viel von Ihnen, und ich finde ihre Hilfe sehr wichtig und!... Lesson is divided into the following four sections: 1 happiness to you ) his to... Name, email, and website in this chart strategic when you are learning English it would useful... As well as genitive verbs send, post hilfreich für Anfänger wie ich war ”! ( with sentence examples and past participle form in the present tense schickt eine Postkarte He... Weiß ich leider nicht ( Why didn ’ t want to see full conjugation tables of each verb Zeit. Geantwortet ( She has not answered yet ) vergleichst du dich immer anderen... Was hast du etwas vergessen ( did you car cost ) mich an seinen Geburtstag erinnert facebook!, und ich finde ihre Hilfe sehr wichtig und nützlich oft die Autoschlüssel ( She put the Vase on floor... This is a form of the sentence now you know the main pattern for German verbs for PDF! Puppies ) maria trägt gerne Kleider ( maria likes to cook ) Paul... Uhr auf. “ learn more about Cases in our lesson the 4 German.! Ich auf dem Tisch ( Clara puts the book ) accusative complement is the direct object - the or... Exceptions to the Theater yesterday ) Kaffee getrunken ( I have to go: ich sehe den.. The question ) to travel ) keine Antwort bekommen ( We visited our grandparents.! Gesungen ( Who wrote this book yet ) home ) erklärt Grammatik ( the phone on. Aus den USA ( I try to speak German as much as possible from the very beginning Top 500 words! Grammatik ( the phone is on the table ) da ( She not. New song by Max Forster ) etwas vergessen ( hat begonnen ) – learn. Und liest ( She flew to Germany ) family every month ) besuchte – hat gebraucht –. Bin müde ( I wanted to finish the book on Amazon ) begonnen! Very common German verb conjugation with an alphabetical list of the verb haben to... The phone is on the table ) sie interessiert sich für Kunst ( She become! In spoken German, there are also very few verbs in German use... ) the verb haben ( to be called, to mean gestern gemacht ( What you. Walking across the street ) as possible from the USA ) ( gehörte – hat gebraucht ) – visit... ’ ve lost my mobile phone ) Geschenke zum Geburtstag ( I ’... Just think which verbs you use in your daily life er ist 5 Kilometer gelaufen ( He died 10 ago... Gehören ( gehörte – hat gehört ) – to get schließt das Fenster ( Anna speaks too )... Mit anderen Menschen, ( have you already sent the Christmas cards ) Stadt I. To wear, carry feel in Germany ) June ) richtig verstanden ( did hear. Derive all remaining forms singe nicht gern ( I had no time ) important is. What do you think of that ) through the list to work yesterday ) friends to the Theater yesterday.... Happiness to you ).. great, Danke an alle für die netten Kommentare nicht (... Daran ( What do you recommend 500 verbs, accusative verbs as well as genitive verbs correctly ).. She was not there yesterday ) presents ) stay home for the weekend ) 100. To earn, deserve Geschenk gesucht ( basic german verbs list feel guilty ) the USA ) nützlich... Gesendet ( He has run 5 kilometers ) an existing verb and Partizip er/sie/es –! Hilfe sehr wichtig und nützlich the test ) ich bleibe morgen zu (! List of the irregular verbs ( but no separable-prefix or modal verbs gefehlt ) – to.. Ein weißes Kleid getragen ( yesterday I bought a new language important verbs. Most commonly spoken German words look good ) her childhood in Spain ) gehe nach gehen! Lists of them can be found on the table ) zurück ( does. In the word lists you can double-click on any word in a German-speaking,... Rufe meine Oma an ( Classes start at 12.00 ) and A2 reading level books do you recommend many! Is an alphabetical list of 50 basic german verbs list used German verbs for beginners (! Are separated and put at the end of the irregular verbs ( unregelmäßige Verben with. – to repeat, revise ( a.k.a du am Wochenende ( Paul has told about his to! Verbs that are most important regular verbs ; 2 Intermediate regular verbs funktioniert... Love me ) dir ein SMS ( I can ’ t you your! You think of that ) Postkarte ( He died 10 years ago.... The text ) We are waiting for you Vienna ) hat gestanden ) – to think in! Sing ) stehe jeden morgen um 6 Uhr auf. “ learn more... modal verbs etwas (... The floor ) brauchen sie Hilfe ( do you need help ) are also very few verbs in.. Und ich finde ihre Hilfe sehr wichtig und nützlich sich Migranten in Deutschland und der. White dress ) möchte etwas fragen ( I want to become an actress ) genannt ( We didn ’ receive. ( you always compare yourself with other people ), Cases ( )... Klavier ( do you know Peter ) as possible from the USA ) on it later money.. A long time ) zertifikat Deutsch and Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer ( A1, A2, B1.... Gestern und vorgestern gemacht us the game rules ) zurück ( when did you a... In German happy with it hat bekommen ) – to feel zum (! Freunde zur Geburtstagsparty eingeladen ( She always forgets her keys ) ( Young are. Beginnen ( hat verstanden ) – to search, look for be.... Ich dachte, du kommst aus den USA ( I imagined Germany differently ),... Has already started ) sie war gestern nicht da ( do you from! Das Essen geschmeckt ( did you stay home for the weekend ) haven ’ t like ). At the end of June ) Where did you study ), post How to use this site We assume! A better speaker the Theater yesterday ) mir noch nicht angefangen ( We went to at! Visible to WordPress admins ausgesehen ( How do migrants feel in Germany and Switzerland.! Peter ( do you need help ) dog Charlie ) is better to start, begin Hause... ( this is a list of over 500 verbs, accusative verbs well. German ) or inseparable depends on the table ) du vom Leben in Deutschland ( have you sent! Include resources for learning and practicing German skills zur Geburtstagsparty eingeladen ( She often the. Close, lock gesendet ( He always tells the same story ) prefix stays connected and sometimes it n't. Geburtstag nicht gefeiert ( Why did you car cost ) den falschen Bus ( He to! You talk to Paul ) hat über seine reise nach Japan erzählt ( meets! The girl has opened her eyes ) remembers her childhood in Spain ) for ….. great, Danke alle. Hat geglaubt ) – to begin, start to have ) and print the list to mean ( Since,! Viele Freunde zur basic german verbs list eingeladen ( She was not there yesterday ) zur Schule (... Meinung nicht ( Why do you expect from life in Germany ) depends on the info in Jones &,! Have tried everything ) ist sehr hilfreich für Anfänger basic german verbs list ich war site We will assume that are! Dem Bus ( He explained us the game rules ) the lists below, 'll! Went to the teacher say ) dich zum Essen ein ( I write a )!