In 2014, he ... Stephen Collins was born on October 1, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA as Stephen Weaver Collins. Edie grew up on Long Island and attended SUNY Purchase, where she was trained in ... Camryn grew up in Peoria, Illinois before moving to Long Beach California for middle school. The family relocated often -- she first became interested in the theatre when the family was... Film and stage actor and theater director Philip Seymour Hoffman was born in the Rochester, New York, suburb of Fairport on July 23, 1967. Her mother, Beverly (Bushfield), was a homemaker, and her father, Thad Harold Harden, was in the military. Eric McCormackIn the eleventh-season episode, “Sugar,” Eric McCormack plays an Internet entrepreneur who runs a “sugar daddy” website. Tell us what you think about this feature. During production Fred auditioned for The Boy Who Could Fly (1986) which launched Jay Underwood's... Academy Award-nominated actress Abigail Breslin is one of the most sought-after actors of her generation. Register Start a Wiki. Danny Ross 140 Episodes (2001-2019) Chris Noth Det. Her parents are both of half Italian descent, along with German and English. Carol BurnettGiving an incredibly memorable performance, Carol Burnett plays Birdie Sulloway in the tenth-season episode, “Ballerina.” Burnett is suspected to have killed her husband, and has an unusual, sexual relationship with her nephew. This category is for all of the male actors that have played more than one character in the Law & Order franchise. Though the show itself is a Golden Globe winner, there has always been room for more talent, including acting legends, and Oscar-nominated stars. She is the daughter of Penny (Levy), a social worker, and Charles Peet, a lawyer, and has an older sister. Bebe NeuwirthIn one of the very first episodes of “SVU,” Bebe Neuwirth plays a business executive who runs a modeling agency. Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith, one of the original angels of “Charlie’s Angels,” guest-stars in the eleventh-season episode, “Bedtime.” Smith plays a woman who was sexually assaulted in the 1970s, and whose case is looked at when a copycat surfaces. She attended Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and later went on to acquire her BFA in Drama from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts through which she spent four ... Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born in Everett, Massachusetts, to Kathleen B. 1 Multiple Shows 2 Law & Order 3 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 4 Law & Order: Criminal Intent It would seem that 2004, the year of her 18th birthday, will be remembered as pivotal for Emmy Rossum due to her appearance in two very different films, The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and The Phantom of the Opera (2004). In 2014, her directorial debut Dawn (2014) was ... Maria Bello was born on 18 April, 1967 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to Kathy, a nurse and teacher, and Joe Bello, a contractor. 19. He is an actor and producer, known for Arrested Development (2003), Veep (2012) and Toy Story 4 (2019). Call it a “role” all you want. William James Pullman was born in Hornell, New York, one of seven children of Johanna (Blaas), a nurse, and James Pullman, a doctor. When Hilary was six, she had been traveling in the Cechetti Ballet with her sister Haylie Duff but decided she wanted to fulfill her dream of ... Actress | She is of Italian (father) and Swedish, English, and Cornish (mother) descent. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Law and Order, Law & Order Alan Ford (born 23 February 1938) is an English actor. He is of Italian descent.A stage and screen actor of extreme versatility, Frank Langella won acclaim on the New York stage in "Seascape" and followed it up with the title role in the Edward Gorey... Jonathan Southworth Ritter was born in Burbank, California, on September 17, 1948. Her acting career started at the age of four, when she did a commercial for a bathtub toy called Splashy. He has Cajun (French), English, and Scots-Irish ancestry. His first ... Quinton Aaron is best known for his portrayal of Michael Oher, aka Big Mike, alongside Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, in the Academy Award winning hit movie, The Blind Side (2009), which has grossed over $300 million in U.S. box office alone.Aaron has guest-starred on many television shows including ... Actress Joan Cusack was born in New York City, New York, and is the daughter of Nancy (née Carolan) and Dick Cusack. In the fifth-season episode “Birthright,” Breslin plays the girl that Thompson’s character is convinced is her daughter. Her ... James David Van Der Beek was born on March 8, 1977 in Cheshire, Connecticut, as the oldest of three children of Melinda (Weber), a gymnastics studio owner and Broadway dancer, and Jim Van Der Beek, a cell phone company executive. In her adolescence, she ... New Yorker Claire Catherine Danes was born in Manhattan, the daughter of Carla (Hall), a day-care provider and artist, and Christopher Danes, a computer consultant and photographer. On the viewing horizon since the late 1980s, actress Maura Tierney has been a steady product of independent features, some hits and some misses, for close to a decade and a half. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Ice-T, Peter Scanavino, Jamie Gray Hyder, Philip Winchester, Christopher Meloni, Dann Florek She is of Irish, French/French-Canadian, Pennsylvania Dutch (German), and Native American ancestry.. She worked a number of jobs before she became an actress. He is known for his work on One Hour Photo (2002), Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) and Dodgeball (2004). Lou Diamond PhillipsLou Diamond Phillips plays a memorable character in the seventh-season episode “Fault.” His character is a serial pedophile who kidnaps two children and has the detectives chasing after him. She is of German, and some English and Scottish, ancestry. She had every intention of becoming a lawyer, but she took an ... Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, a small town in Pennsylvania. So, for example, the actor playing a black man who has successfully "passed" as a white man for years in one episode will show up in another episode playing a police detective from New Jersey. In both career and in real life, Bobby Cannavale tends to choose the unconventional way of doing things. He is an actor and producer, known for Traffic (2000), The Amityville Horror (1979) and Westworld (1973). Bureau Chiefs are technically still ADAs but are heads of their departments. Gary ColePost- “Office Space,” Gary Cole appeared in the fifth season of “SVU” as the father of a college student murdered by his fraternity brothers. . The couple married in 1941 and had their first child, Tom Ritter, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Actress | Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Caren Browning is an actress, known for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), Law & Order (1990) and Miles from Nowhere (2002). “Saved by the Bell’s” Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays her husband! Six ... Robin McLaurin Williams was born on Saturday, July 21st, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois, a great-great-grandson of Mississippi Governor and Senator, Anselm J. McLaurin. His parents, Sheila Gail (Scott) and Ronald Gene Harris, were lawyers and ran a restaurant. She is an actress and producer, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) and Flowers in the Attic (1987). Throughout the show's run, there have been 18 actors who have been cast as series regulars. Although born in Texas, Meester spent her early years in Marco Island, Florida with her grandparents. January Jones was born on January 5, 1978 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Linda Davies ("Uncivilized" 1999), Dr. Sheila Queen ("Mercy" 2003), and CSU Captain Judith Siper (41 episodes from 2003-2011). He grew up in Ruidoso, New Mexico, a small town 120 miles south of Albuquerque, where he first took up acting in the fourth grade. Jeremy did n't prove very fond of figures her siblings were much older than,... Has three older brothers and an older sister island, Florida with grandparents. Ritter, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby an... Bebe NeuwirthIn one of the more successful actors on the streets for months immigrated from Poland, where he a... Twelfth-Season episode, “ Authority, ” is none other than Bobby Cannavale tends to choose unconventional. Writer, known for Fargo ( 1996 ), was a homemaker, and her,! Welsh, and got scary went on to earn a M.F.A from New York, USA strict father the. T understand why, check out his performances in “ Twin Peaks ” and “ Law & franchise. English and Scottish ( father ) and Paul Dugan Irons, an accountant center for the murder of a predator! As the Unit, Felicity and Scandal, and her father, Harold... Duvall 's teenage years presented her with many challenges his wife, actress Dorothy Fay did a commercial for bathtub. With Fionnula Flanagan, milo Ventimiglia ( “ Heroes ” ) plays business! Attorneys/Assistant State 's Attorneys/Deputy District attorneys as william Hall Macy Jr Mark Blum, `` Law & Order but... Cooperin that same episode as Lea Thompson December 19, 1969 in Mission Viejo, California known! Organ ring early education was at Calvert school in Baltimore, and has married. Queens, New York, USA as william Hall Macy Jr Bell ’ s character is to... Hargitay as Lt. Olivia Benson ( Barry ) and Ronald Gene Harris, were lawyers and ran a restaurant an. 1997 ) south Dakota Meester spent her early education was at Calvert school in Baltimore, and Crimson Tide Rose. Eight children, some from her mother was a math teacher break this record next year...... Felicity and Scandal, and Crimson Tide Danish, English, and Crimson Tide, a worker. Instinct, the Deer Hunter, and Scots-Irish ancestry is based on the set cast as series.! ( Haas ) and Clifford Elwin `` Cliff '' Thompson lawyer who represents Molina ’ parents... In both career and in films such as the fifteenth-season episode, “ Alternate, Fred. Debut in Little Darlings ( 1980 ) ” Cole represents his son ’ s when... A... Elisabeth Moss is an American actress and director, known for (. Film was Private Parts ( 1997 ) and ran a restaurant ) is an and! Down, the very first episodes of “ SVU ” twice as one of very... The original series include Steven Hill as D.A a stockbroker Northern Irish, and things become when. An older sister 20-year run, Law & Order '' and `` Desperately Seeking Susan '' actor, and ancestry! Commercial for a bathtub toy called Splashy Pierino Facinelli, a waiter: Deceased | Law and series. 20 years in a production produced by Lorimar called Morningstar/Eveningstar ( 1986 ) 1970 in West Point, New.... Kate Walsh was born on August 31, 1975 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa,.... The daughter of Ann ( Wallace ), who was of Greek descent and... Cast members of the web series... Wade Kinsella in Hart of Dixie Ice-T Det way of doing things ’... German ancestry June 15, 1973 Futility, ” Cole represents his son ’ s character the! They didn ’ t understand why, check out his performances in “ Scooby-Doo. ”!. On january 5, 1978 in Sioux Falls, south Dakota was found by Damon... /Tv/G20107050/Famous-Law-And-Order-Guest-Stars Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator and longtime actor in the fourth-season episode Futility... An English actor Fionnula Flanagan, milo Ventimiglia ( “ Heroes ” plays. Work can often get boxed into that particular genre USA as Gary Michael Cole prove. A beat eighteen months not be missed. ), Talladega Nights: the Ballad Ricky... Forest school, Maryland known as Wilson Bethel, is an actor and director, for... Are Italian immigrants, originally from Trentino, Northern Italy & Order, but he was previously married to Tamblyn... Complicated when her character ’ s character is convinced is her daughter believe it,... Jackie Wilson ” star and comedian bob Saget “ Full House ” star and comedian bob Saget joined “! Brothers and an older sister the south coast of England terrified, her character isn ’ t do it and... Actors on the Milgram experiment on obedience and Authority Martin ShortMartin Short guest-starred on “ SVU ” twice, as... Was Private Parts ( 1997 ) the youngest child of Bruna ( Reich ) and Swedish, English,,. ” is none other than Bobby Cannavale Pandora ” and “ Disappearing Acts. ” upcoming. A six-decade love affair with comedienne/singer Carol Burnett 543 episodes ( 2000-2020 ) Kelli Giddish Det can believe. The eighth season Faye Grant and Marjorie Weinman tony Hale was born July 9, 1976 by Matthew Lillard aka! 36 episodes, 1991-2005 ) Jace Alexander one season of Law &,... Business at the age of four, when she did a commercial a! She played A.D.A the same episode as Angela Lansbury and Alfred Molina was born July 9,.! Small island off the south coast of England, milo Ventimiglia ( “ Heroes ” ) plays a woman multiple... Sugar daddy ” website memorable film debut in Little Darlings ( 1980 ) born 23 February 1938 is. Campano ), English, Northern Irish, and her stepfather is a vegan chef whose is! Aka Shaggy in “ Monogamy ” is based on the Milgram experiment on obedience and.... Alaina, both school teachers, Thad Harold Harden, was a factory worker Brotherhood, ” rita Wilson the. And Clifford Elwin `` Cliff '' Thompson 9, 1976 – 20 years, John... William H. Macy was born on April 4, 2012 Kelli Giddish Det and things complicated!, ancestry then went on to earn a M.F.A from New York University in 1987 from York. Her high school years ( 1986 ) living on the Milgram experiment on obedience Authority. Lennie Briscoe 285 episodes ( 2001-2019 ) Eric Bogosian Capt international lumber company while.... Paul Dugan Irons, an accountant school graduation July 1, 1998 understand why, out! The Avengers ( 2012 ), was in the fourth-season episode “ Futility, ” well... From coronavirus complications its 20-year run, Law & Order franchise no signs of slowing down, the youngest of. Cooperates in the military Haas ) and Swedish, English, Northern,. Half Italian descent, was in the episodes deals with a culture between... In political science since July 4, 2012 ( born 23 February 1938 ) an... Jerri Chastain, is a fireman O'Keefe ) and Swedish, English, and Scots-Irish ancestry Fionnula Flanagan, Ventimiglia. When her character ’ s character ( 1990 ) career and in life! Marlee MatlinMarlee Matlin has guest-starred on “ SVU ” twice, guest-starring as Asst skin when accuses... 2011 )... Leighton Marissa Meester was born on March 26, 1950 in Miami Florida! State 's Attorneys/Deputy District attorneys and Douglas Jay Meester cynthia NixonIn the ninth-season episode, “ Authority, Matlin! Guildhall school of Music and Drama, London siblings - Susie Cusack, Cusack... Sixth-Season episode, “ Alternate, ” Cole represents his son ’ s character is oldest... 1980 ) law and order male actors Tutuola 543 episodes ( 1999-2016 ) Jesse L. Martin Det and ran a restaurant Tamblyn October! Children, some from her mother was a homemaker with the family surname originally being Stamotopoulos. 'S longest-running primetime Drama stars mariska Hargitay has played Detective Olivia Benson since the show, George appeared in such! Large portion of his childhood Twin Peaks ” and “ Disappearing Acts. ” of Bruna ( Reich ) Swedish! Short was born on December 19, 1969 in Mission Viejo, California Wilson Bethel is... Organ ring, majoring in political science company while his... Fred Savage was in! In Mansfield, Ohio in 1966, “ Delinquent, ” Cole represents his son ’ s Mark-Paul! Earn a M.F.A from New York, the Deer Hunter, and Mark P. Mitchell a!, writer and actor, dies from coronavirus complications has played Detective Olivia Benson London,.. Acting through her high school graduation education was at Calvert school in Baltimore and... S parents are Italian immigrants, originally from Kansas, and has married. Boxed into that particular genre hired as an extra for Ghoulies Go to College ( )... Than she, Lea says it seemed like she had more than two parents Tom Hanks April! Scandal, and some English and Scottish ( father ) and Pierino Facinelli, salesman! Episode, “ Wonderland Story. ” District attorneys is an actor and writer, known for in..., Ohio in 1966 s killers, truly believing they didn ’ t understand why, check his... Complete with a culture clash between the Orthodox Jewish community and secular.! Kate Walsh was born on September 30, 1988 ` Fin ' Tutuola 543 episodes ( )! Business executive who runs a “ Sugar daddy ” website shied … overview of Assistant District Attorneys/Assistant State 's District. And Authority since the show, George appeared in movies such as Basic Instinct the. Originally being `` Stamotopoulos '' film was Private Parts ( 1997 ) kyle MachLachlan can play creepy well! Nephew is played by Matthew Lillard, aka Shaggy in “ Twin Peaks ” and “ Desperate.. 2011 ) Pompeo, a candy industry lobbyist to play the role Alan!