'Umbrella Academy' Fans Say Vanya Doesn't Need Recast After Elliot Page's Coming Out. It has been reported that Elliot Page will continue to play Vanya Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy after announcing they are trans. She is pleased when Leonard reveals he was always more of a Rolling Stones fan. "[1], At the age of four, Vanya proves to be troublesome. 1. Umbrella Academy By Megan Manning 12/01/20 AT 4:03 PM “Umbrella Academy” star Elliot Page took to … As a result, Sir Reginald worked to cover them up and suppress them. However, when it's time for Vanya to go back to 2019 with her siblings, Sissy can't go with her and the two tearfully part ways. By Megan Manning 12/01/20 AT 4:03 PM “Umbrella Academy” star Elliot Page took to … [9], At the Icarus Theatre, Vanya auditions for the position of first chair. Leaving the Academy, Vanya heads to Leonard's house where he takes her inside, concerned that she is bleeding from a head wound. Vanya apologizes for being late, but the conductor comments that he didn't even notice. Vanya's power subsides and she asks Pogo if he knew about her powers. Luther is the first to approach Vanya, but when he finds out that she is unable to recall anything, he leaves, citing that he was returning a wallett left at the bar by Carl, however it is clear that Vanya realises there is much more to the story.[12]. He also tried to reassure her that Sir Reginald did love her in his own way. A member of staff catches him before he leave and forces Leonard to sign voluntary discharge papers. Still in shock, Vanya hopes that if she explains that she lost control they will forgive her. Vanya and Pogo shared a genuine affection with each other. Luther has never truly liked Vanya, seeing her a liability and unimportant due to her lack of abilities. As you might have heard, Elliot Page has come out as transgender and while he’s been getting a lot of support from fellow A-listers and followers, some social media users have also been wondering whether or not this will change in any way the casting for the third season of The Umbrella Academy!Well, as it turns out, Page will continue to portray Vanya Hargreeves on the Netflix show! The pair talk and continue to bond while Vanya admires his work. As Allison bleeds out on the cabin floor, Leonard arrives and pulls Vanya away, telling her that she did what she to and they have to go. Who plays Vanya in Umbrella Academy? When Vanya points out that it was their father who kept them separate, Allison tells her that their father did not make her write that book about them and that she is an adult now and can no longer blame their father for her problems[7] In later episodes, they are shown to have a more sisterly relationship, though Allison remains skeptical of Leanord and Vanya's relationship with him. 2. When confronting Leonard, she manipulated the sound waves around him, levitating him above the ground and proceeding to telekinetically move various objects in the kitchen to impale him. Vanya cannot believe it, even when Allison told her about being in Leonard's house and finding the macabre shrine to the Umbrella Academy. She dislikes oatmeal and refuses to eat it. Vanya believed that her relationship with Leonard was genuine and that he was the only person to ever truly understand her and care for her despite her insecurities. [6], Vanya, Luther, Allison, Diego, and Klaus gather at the Academy to discuss Grace. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to VF.com and the complete online archive now. Article content. Vanya reminds them that she has been left out of things all her life. Their plan fails when Vanya uses her power to suspend them all in the air, connected to her by energy tendrils and draining the life from them. WE LOVE YOU ELLIOT! [11], Leonard invites Vanya to his grandmothers' isolated cabin. The two often did not interact, as Klaus was often more interested in getting high and generally took nothing seriously. However, Grace is unfazed and gets back up, her head having been knocked 180 degrees around. Luther plays the security footage of Grace not helping Sir Reginald on the night he died, and further examination shows Grace taking Sir Reginald's monocle.

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