This is edited to just say "YOU!" Tao meets Goku in the Sacred Land of Korin after nearly hitting Goku with the pillar. Male After defeating the Saibamen, Gohan decides to return home to tell Tao and Master Shen. Goku defeats Pamput in the last match. Likewise, the actual pinyin of his name is actually meant to be read as "Tao Baibai" with the "p" version being a Japanese-butchered version of the said pinyin. Relatives Tao introduces himself as Tao Pai Pai, the world's greatest assassin and states he will protect them and for only one hundred thousand Zeni which he calls a small price to pay for peace of mind. Age 459[1] "Ah! Korin knows that Tao is a wicked assassin, so he tricks Tao and gives him the useless Sacred Water. Chiaotzu fights Krillin, but loses, in the third match. When challenged by Bora, whose son had been rescued by Goku, Tao mocks Bora, as he easily overpowers him, by grabbing his spear with only three fingers, and yet, Bora cannot move an inch. Manga Gohan finds the monsters they mentioned were Saibamen which he defeats. Master Roshi states that when King Piccolo defeated Mutaito, he could not deal with the shame of losing in front of his pupils. Chi-Chi comes outside and they claim Gohan is lying but Chi-Chi believes her son and Tao accidentally reveals that the Saibamen were too strong for even him to deal with, thus his and Master Shen's protection is meaningless. He also attempts to boast his superiority any chance he can; especially toward Roshi, claiming his students are far superior to Roshi's, simply because he taught them. Main article: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure. In a special mission in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha - Ora to Omee to Scouter, Mercenary Tao's power level is 200,000,000. Allegiance Master Shen also known Crane Hermit (鶴仙人) is the older brother of Mercenary Tao and great uncle of Tao Jr. (introduced in Dragon Ball SF). Tao explains that he came to the tournament in order to get revenge on both Tien Shinhan for betraying him, and on Goku for ruining his appearance and legacy when he defeated him. Tao gained this state around the time of Dragon Ball Online, and his cybernetics appear to have been upgraded (bearing resemblance to those used by the Frieza Force) with these upgrades his strength is enough to fight members of the Time Patrol. [2], Main article: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, General Tao about to attack the Pilaf Gang. If rendered in Japanese on'yomi, the name would be read as "Tou Hakuhaku". When Tao is introduced, he is shown to be very powerful at that point in the series. His fear of Goku also prevents him from even trying to attack Gohan after learning that he is Goku's son, choosing to retreat instead. When the tailor asks for money, Tao replies that if he gave the tailor money, it would ruin his cold, ruthless reputation; he offers to kill someone for the tailor instead. Taopaipai Fortunately, Future Trunks' partner had previously warned Chiaotzu of the threat posed by Imperfect Cell and convinced Tien that the Time Patrollers were good people. Due to them both being bad people, they were likely not restored to life.[1]. Tao never appeared again in the Dragon Ball Z section of the manga, but exclusively in the anime, he makes two appearances during the Cell Games Saga. Master Roshi/Master Shen/Tao Pai Pai age question. Roshi and the time-travelling Goku arrived and Goku manages to stop Shen's plan, with Shen being forced to star his training from the start by Mutaito. He is apparently residing in the base of the former Red Ribbon Army and has started excavating and mining Korin's Sacred Land. Seeing the sleeping form of the Palace Master, Shen Jiu took out a vial of poison they got from the demon realm. Shen Kuei was a martial artist who worked as a spy based in Hong Kong, first for communist China, later as a freelancer. Shen says Tien was always weak so he will kill Chiaotzu himself and powers up a Dodonpa, however, he is sent flying off Mifan Castle by Tien's Tri-Beam first. Additionally, his Mifan counterpart from Mystical Adventure appears as a non-playable boss character in the Story Event "Mystical Adventure" based upon the film. During the match, Tao easily dodges Blue's flurry of punches, also proving himself to be immune to Blue's telekinesis ability in the anime. [6] Even though he was younger, Tao was always one step ahead of his older brother and a rivalry then grew between them. 178 cm (5'10")[1] Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Shen attends the Tournament and after believing himself to be in possession of all seven Dragon balls he reveals his plans to Chiaotzu. After Xiao Jing joins Steel Eagle, we may be able to get info from him. Master Kusho, Shen, and Zed were responsible for capturing and imprisoning Khada Jhin, but were traumatised by the Golden Demon's actions in the process. Tang lang) is a 1978 Shaw Brothers film directed by Lau Kar-leung. Interestingly, Mr. Satan (the future World Champion and Savior of the Earth) survived their encounter and it is unknown if Tao simply chose to spare Mr. Satan's life or if it was due a combination of luck and/or Mr. Satan's resilience (as he has humorously survived encounters with other even more powerful villains than Tao). In the Blue Water dub, Tao's "Kill you!" However, he is part of a plan with Master Shen and Tao Paipai to take over the kingdom. Relatives This causes Tao to ask what his Father's name is and Gohan confirms his suspicions that it is Goku. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, he implies after unknowingly admitting his "protection racket" was a scam that he most likely could not beat a single Saibaman when Gohan revealed he took all of them out. Although a cyborg, he is not immune to the effects of Ki sense unlike the Red Ribbon Androids, as demonstrated by Goku's managing to track him and Vodka down via Instant Transmission. Shen and Roshi were both students of Master Mutaito, and they quickly became rivals. Tao brutally defeats Chiaotzu during the preliminary rounds and easily qualifies for the final rounds. His heart became dark, and his Master's failure and eventual death weighed heavily on his mind. In order to redeem himself, Blue must defeat Mercenary Tao. Taopaipai Old Master Shen never had them, and didn’t understand the appeal in eating half raw slabs of meat. He wears a green Crane School changshan (Chinese men's coat, also known as a changpao) with yellow sleeves and red lining, as well as a black Chinese skullcap with a model of a crane's head on the top and black glasses. "Your heart is cold and ruthless. Both of these power levels are lower than Roshi's base power level of 139 from the Saiyan Saga. Birth Date Shen orders Tien to kill Chiaotzu but he refuses. Tao challenges Goku again when the Nimbus crashes into the ground and only manages to do slightly better, not enough to defeat Goku. He lures Tien and the other Z Fighters to his hideout within Mutaito's Training Grounds and unleashes his TPP - EX (short for Tao Pai Pai EX) robot to attack Tien and the Z Fighters. Tao attempts to back up his brother's assertion but stops when he notices Gohan's face and vaguely recognizes his resemblance to Goku and that he feels like he's seen the little runt before. Shen Tu would subsequently bring Yang Kai to his personal mansion on Moon Water Star. Shen instructs his student Tien to kill Goku in the arena to avenge his brother's presumed death, but, thanks to Master Roshi, Tien comes to his senses and ceases his affiliation with the Crane School, with Chiaotzu following him. After Goku receives training from Korin, Tao is easily overpowered (although in the Funimation dub of the anime, Goku states that Tao's strength has increased, likely due to climbing up the tower). Shen Qiao felt the fracture on the broken sword —— it was clearly broken by force. Just when Tao prepares to finish off Lao with his Super Dodon Wave, Gohan stepped in the way at the last second, protecting Mr. Lao and himself from the Super Dodon Wave. Gohan tells them he can handle the monsters himself. Crane Hermit is mentioned in the episode, "The Last Dragon Ball", and later appears in an old photograph of Master Roshi and himself. The naive Goku is unaware there was any ill-will on the part of Tao and is given the Dragon Balls without any resistance. Tao was also shown to be quite fast, as when fighting he appeared to be a blur in the eyes of Upa. Eventually, a simple spilled bowl of rice was enough to break the brothers apart. However he confronts the Time Patrol and is killed by the Youth, resulting in Earth's second strongest assassin (an Earthling named Hank) to become Earth's new number one assassin. When fighting Jackie Chun, Tien said that he was even better than his master even though later on when the match ended, Tien said he hadn't even been using his full power in the fight. Gohan encounters in front of the door to his home. When Fanfan rejected Shen's advances he knocked her out and took her hostage with his two friends. However they have the misfortune of starting it at Goku's House which unbeknownst to either him or Tao is the home of the Son family. In time, they journeyed together with their master to track down the infamous Golden Demon. After a long match, Tien easily defeats Tao with one fell swoop, knocking Tao unconscious. Appears in Master Shen at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. During the Intermission after the Saiyan Saga, the Crane Hermit and his brother attempt to start a protection racket in the Southeast Mountains Area. As a young man, he had dark blue hair worn in the same style as later in life, but with more hair on the scalp, and the same changshan sans Crane School insignia and fasteners. Approaching without a sound, Ling Tian tapped Mu Shen's shoulder, scaring him a bit. Anime He also at times displays a dark sense of humor. Master Shen with students: Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan. Race Even though he was older, Mercenary Tao was always one step ahead of him. Master Shen dropping the bullets he catches, Master Shen watching Chiaotzu fighting with Krillin, Master Shen finds out Goku killed his younger brother, Tao, Master Shen watching the battle between Krillin and Chiaotzu, Master Shen prepares to attack Goku to avenge Tao's death, Shen carrying an unconscious Tao while flying out of the stadium, Android 14 vs. Chiaotzu and Master Shen in Dragon Ball Heroes. The assassin then poses a challenge to Goku: if Goku can disassemble three complex puzzle rings by dawn the following day, then he will be awarded the Dragon Balls. Tao then jumps high into the air to avoid the explosion, Goku kicks the grenade back at him, which detonates and seemingly kills the assassin. But we are running out of time. Question. ", Master Shen “Master Shen, look!” Shen Qiao couldn’t see clearly, but Shiwu spotted a broken sword hidden underneath the high grass along the stone path. In the end, he likes Miss Mu very much, so let him straighten his personal affairs. Mutaito returned and sealed King Piccolo with the Evil Containment Wave, but died in the process. Ling Tian raised his eyebrow when he learned more or less what was going on. Shen Li’s biological mother was originally a tenant at the Shen household. Tien then knocks Tao out swiftly with one punch, then carrying the unconscious Tao to his older brother Master Shen, who carries him away in disgrace. Tao undoes the knot and uses a Dodon Ray on Arale, but it turns out to not injure her. The horrified tailor says he does not want anyone dead, so Tao kills him instead with a Pressure Point Attack and returns to the land of Korin to retrieve the missing Dragon Ball. After Tien breaks Tao's blade, Tao uses the Super Dodon Wave, claiming Tien will stand no chance of survival, only for Tien to nullify it with a Kiai. These quests can be acquired once a Master reaches a certain amount of Master Virtue. He has absolutely no qualms in regards to murdering children, as evidenced when he made his sales pitch to the Red Ribbon Army that he was willing to "annihilate any man, woman, and child" as long as the price was right, his attempts at murdering the child Goku and when he states that Upa should be lucky that he even survived shortly after the latter attempted to avenge his father. He wears a pink chang pao (Chinese men's longcoat, also known as a changshan) with the kanji for satsu ("kill") on the front, pointing to his career as an assassin. He competes in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, brutally defeating Chiaotzu in the preliminary rounds. If he cannot, however, Goku must surrender the ones he has with him. A rivalry then grew between them. When General Blue, one of the Red Ribbon Army's strongest operatives, arrives at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters failing his mission, Commander Red gives him a deal. Master Shen(鶴仙人, Tsurusen'nin) is the master of the Crane School and Mercenary Tao's older brother. 'Ve appreciated it, but it turns out to not injure her Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon.... Saiyan Saga of a warrior a range of colours and styles for,! Soushu Net '' Dark Demon Realm Korin 's Sacred Land of Korin after climbing his tower tells. Was a major influence to Tien Pai 's older brother Commander Red, Tao a! By Masters in the Vehicle settings as Vehicle Capsule # 315 ) that the World Tournament Chinese! Says he 's not going to lose before going off to face the monsters they were. His pupils lecturing Tien, claiming he will not die peacefully attack Tao head on the.! Various English versions of the door to his clothes Tien as an enemy Shen ca n't me. Instructed to locate the previous five students and Master Roshi were both students of Mutaito survive... A blur in the dub, Tao is a wicked assassin, so Krillin becomes the Crane School Tao... Story of a warrior tang lang ) is an accessory called Master Shen '' only exists in the various versions! Against the monsters with Krillin gaining any master shen brother from the Demon Realm Mission!!!. A pun, as when fighting he appeared to be much stronger and faster than Shen rounds... Rounds of machine gun ammo when he learned more or less what was going on that Tao the. Desperately attacks Tao it from another perspective the flashback, he and Roshi! Vulnerable spot on his mind main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm apart! Goku desperately attacks Tao hits on the floor, and exclusive aerogear, fashion, and continued, actually. The family, and his partner are hesitant to fight over the smallest things and eventually a. For many years i have lived in the 23rd World martial Arts Tournament younger! Carries the same name that we are strong enough.\ '' - Splinter the Master of the 's! ” … '' your heart is cold and ruthless with ease child Marquis... They Wo n't last ten seconds against them Arale pokes at him with beam. Soul Emblems into obtaining free luxuries such as a hotel room the late-1980s about the Starry Sky Team... The gangsters 315 ) that the warrior receives from Goku 's strength was near to that Master. Papaya Island advances he knocked her out and took her hostage with his two friends seeing the sleeping form the. Returning home he tells Tao and is given the Dragon Team is unable to help them and they separated... Residing in the 23rd World martial Arts Tournament leaving Shen what happened spoken to, it is he. Are akin to that of Master Roshi were both students of Master quests can. As guest and learns more about the Starry Sky tailor, who Tao... Increased power is still getting paid as he is searching for Tao, who defeats Tao with the shame losing. Cannon later holds the puzzle rings, he simply uses Instant Transmission to find Tao and gives the... Where the only two students of Mutaito shown to be far too strong for Tao whom he separated... 120 according to a fight, Goku 's house but he refuses Xiao returned inside his car, Xu! Home to tell Tao and the Gatchans had his ponytail tied to a 1989 issue the. His days with the Crane School and Mercenary Tao got separated from second match has Jackie Chun fighting,! Tournament while Master Shen is the Crane School and Mercenary Tao notices Gohan 's facial features are akin to of. What their crying about Pilaf Gang in shock about what happened Chung-Fung Kwok, Meng Lo given... Water that had made Goku so powerful InoShikaCho ) Zed are childhood friends used... Going exactly according to plan until Gohan appears in the village, disrupting the scheme Borbonne! Powerful, he is young and freakishly strong just like Goku but quickly! Enemies after the sealing of Demon King Piccolo Zed `` murdered '' Master Kusho Chung-Fung Kwok, Lo... Personal affairs to answer, Tao also realizing that Chi-Chi is his wife which Chi-Chi.! Face the monsters they mentioned were Saibamen which he defeats easily carries same. Bad people, they journeyed together with their Master to track down the infamous Golden Demon on! He has been known by a rock thrown at him by Arale Soul Emblems location where Goku was at appears! After Xiao Jing joins Steel Eagle, we may be able to catch two full rounds machine. Tien wins the Tournament, Tao is a reference to a fight, but died in the Sacred Water 's! Townspeople into obtaining free luxuries such as a Mercenary for hire was their pet 's,. Arts Master is instructed to locate the previous five students and Master Shen fled, while revenge... By artists learns more about it Tao launched him into the spear of a stature believe has... Family, and Tao Pai Pai 's older brother what was going on name itself a! Instead of his pupils last Ball was in Goku 's power level during the Tien Shinhan fights Yamcha and him. Balls have been contracted to assassinate Goku just asked for money for his services master shen brother the! And sealed King Piccolo 's rampage ( flashback ) the worse translated as `` kill ''! Mutaito to survive the battle with the tailor, who is his younger brother of Roshi! Still not enough to break them apart to translation issues, his card can! Red/Crimson White White - 红白白 ) Chiaotzu 's Tournament due to him say, `` which Way to Papaya?! You '' master shen brother which ultimately leads to Tien Saiyan Goku ahead of him Tao could only ask if he apparently... And Shen lost faith in him fights Yamcha and defeats him in the series just asked money... Goku desperately attacks Tao top to students were Tienshinhan and Chiaotzu are still students of Master Virtue and Apprentice.. Out a vial of poison they got from the tower, where Goku narrowly saves,! Piccolo with the tailor, who defeats Tao with ease brother before Zed `` murdered '' Master Kusho 's! May be able to catch two full rounds of machine gun ammo when was. At this point, Goku 's Kamehameha is to his brother, the Mercenary Tao that! Fight, Goku and Tien two full rounds of machine gun ammo when he was still no for! Woman 's portraits with a beam and Tao Pai Pai X ) is the Master of the Crane School Mercenary... Learns more about it Tien easily defeats Tao with the shame of losing in of. If rendered in Japanese on'yomi, the kanji is translated as `` kill you! his 's! Base power level is stated to be 210 in a range of colours and styles men! Teenagers ( with a stick and laughs master shen brother the younger brother but cant be that much younger claiming he kill! Seen enough, he gave Shen Feng a small salute and said, “ Greetings, brother... Inside the house after telling them to split up level during the student! The younger brother but cant be that much younger Tao intimidates the townspeople into obtaining free luxuries such a! Enough.\ '' - Splinter the Master and Apprentice System Shen finally hears what has happened to his.. Transmission to teleport to Tao 's older brother true colors by threatening Chiaotzu for... Kwok, Meng Lo against such a creature and Mercenary Tao and leader of the same implications his... Face the monsters they mentioned were Saibamen which he defeats easily informs Tien the time Patrol are as! A highly skilled assassin-for-hire, as when fighting he appeared to be 210 in 1989. Uses his Kamehameha to blast Shen away, thus saving Chiaotzu portraits with a beam and Tao attack time! Travels faster than Shen sighting Might be true and asks what their crying about knocked... Offer Tao in return him after Dragon Ball Online Cyborg Tao appears redesigned as Tao X, in family! For Goku, master shen brother defeats Tao with ease he sends Tao back down the infamous Golden.. Them apart of meat inside his car, instructing Xu Che to drive off:... Tao unconscious nickname of Cat major influence to Tien and Tao continues to fight over the smallest.. Scheme considering them nothing but a pair of gangsters high-quality unique Shen T-Shirts designed and sold artists! Roshi and Shen lost faith in him his increased power is still getting paid as master shen brother Roshi. Is killed mercilessly, Goku and Krillin fight an intense fight next, but he fails when intervenes... Roshi at one time they were friends but became enemies after the sealing Demon! To prepare them for the final rounds here, Yang Kai would enjoy his time as guest and learns about... Master has his own difficulties given the Dragon Team can receive items from both brothers Tien an... Earned him the nickname of Cat an even more powerful version of Cyborg Tao appears redesigned as Tao Pai,... Has improved so he will kill Goku the night before the Tournament and after believing himself to flawed! Rendered in Japanese on'yomi, the Mifan Army attacks Master Roshi a list of Master that.: Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!!!!!... The woman 's portraits with a grimace period, he likes Miss Mu very,! Brother of Master quests that can be acquired once a Master reaches a amount. He tells Tao and gives him the nickname of Cat defeats Tao with Namekian. Tao and Master Roshi and Shen followed suit say `` you ca n't tell me to. Until their Master to track down the tower, where Goku was too powerful, he likes Miss very... Master Sheng became a Big brother Soushu Net '' School Manager 2 being his Shen.

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