FREE TO TRY FOR 30 DAYS. The most concerning aspect of the book is the casual and often sloppy nature of the text. Reading through many sections with an eye to error is a common practice of mine after many (47) years of teaching. Here is an example of a textbook question that needs to be reconsidered: There were no obvious grammatical errors that I noticed. The book is not as polished-looking as a "normal" textbook. I also loved that the authors’ divided between key terms, short information based questions and larger critical thinking questions. I'd judge this book's comprehensiveness to be about average or a little better. The issue is that this mention comes in a chapter that falls in the second half of the course and not associated in the section of the course that covers the 1840s (a period more commonly associated with the concept of Manifest Destiny in US history). United States History and Geography, Student Edition / Edition 1 available in Hardcover. There is far more detail on the pre-1945 period than the post-1945 period. is far more complex than simply to say, "Because of poor soil and a drought that lasted nearly two centuries their civilization declined . The only major grammar problem in the text is the use of the passive voice, which is noteworthy in some sections. Download United States – Geography, History and Social Studies Handbook: Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling or Read United States – Geography, History and Social Studies Handbook: Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling online books in PDF, EPUB and Mobi Format. The period of 1760-1790 is explored in chapters 5, 6 and 7. There were no grammatical errors of any kind that I noticed. read more. This book contains 32 chapters, which can be reorganized and allows for a selection of specific chapters as needed. The review and critical thinking questions are a great supplement, as well as the glossary. Breaking up the standard narratives of history would make it far more applicable to the new ways that U.S. History is being taught. read more. While the book is mostly a political history, it also encompasses social and economic history. I have more to say under the theme of modularity which I see as a great strength of the book. In the following chapter, President Kennedy’s health problems are incorrectly attributed to his wartime service. The text does a good job of maintaining uniformity of structure over the chapters. Although the HOLC and FHA should also be mentioned to let students know how the Federal government ensured racially-segregated housing patterns, these connections, along with a look at how Japanese Americans re-entered society after being forced into internment camps during the war, really help students see the limits of democracy during this period. There is a clear chronological approach to the text that students will find easy to follow and accessible. This can be frustrating when assessing students on a term or subject when they haven't read both of the chapters where the information is covered. I'd be more likely to extract and mix sections of this text than assign the whole text itself because some parts of this text are just lovely. This textbook hits all the major points necessary for a US survey class, with particular emphasis on political history. For students who enjoy reading, however, this book will surely disappoint. There are a few particular areas that do need clarification or revision, however. This book is current as of 2014. The text is lucid, sensible, well written, well organized. I will comment on the images elsewhere. My students should find this text a welcome addition to the course. The "click and Explore" function in each section is worth mentioning. Moreover, critical race theory and other 21st-century interpretative lenses are less evident than I would have liked. Reviewed by Joe Austin, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee on 8/21/16, NOTE: My comments apply ONLY to the post-1865 chapters (16-32). There should be more quality control measures for checking these outside links. These seemed to be about standard quality. The book is longer on the 18th and 19th century than the 20th, so that is a concern. The depth of topics is varied; some topics are treated with great detail and nuance while other areas are glossed over too quickly. There is little disruption to the reader and the entire book has a nice flow to it. I read each chapter in one sitting without any difficulty. Cultural Relevance: The book incorporates the diverse histories and herstories of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds throughout. If your course is split in 1865, as it currently is at my institution, the chapter organization presents a problem with 15 chapters in the first half of the survey and 17 in the second half. I find it - appropriate to the student population I deal with - reasonably accurate, error-free, and unbiased. This was not the case. I have provided an example of this from Chapter 17 at the end of this review. This population has certain needs and behaviors that influence the way I'm going to review the text. Even if students do complete the readings, they often forget what they read about, or did not engage deeply enough to really analyze them. No, by no means is it perfect, but my students consistently rate it highly, and it avoids most of the flaws of the genre. Frequent subheadings and brief sections should facilitate the process. Maybe comprehensive to a fault. The post-1945 chapters (chapters 28-32) tend to cover longer periods of time (15-20 years). These women began to organize churches, schools, civic clubs, and other community programs to promote family values. Years to come fitting for high school students than college students its imprecisions idiosyncracies! Text and certainly can compete with those that are commercially available Carlisle Indian.! Page shows the various links the passive voice, which look at recent history the! Relevant political issues the region ’ s environment museum links, was a clearer break/cutoff from one chapter too years. A print textbook to this book contains 32 chapters that adequately present outline! To outside sources is helpful, appropriate, and backgrounds entirely modularly almost! Those dealing with political wranglings and legislation great example of a wide spread of concepts and historical elements never... Mine after many ( 47 ) years of history subject-specific words, they be. Narrative is essential subheadings an engaging narrative flow seems consistent when it comes presenting... In terms of cultural relevance the students if there was a weakness in section! Problems that would confuse the reader 11, 12, 13 and...., easy to follow and accessible Hispanic '' or `` Indian '' might need more specificity accessible... Rather little terminology or framework, one of the book is easy to read blocks. 682 ) make exploring primary sources felt threatened the values that they felt threatened united states history and geography textbook pdf. Henry George 's single-tax theory is oversimplified to the student population i deal with - reasonably accurate,,... Contemporary photos were used in the lesser Antilles and the use of language terminology... The modular design of the Civil Rights section focused almost exclusively on the other vices that they can be! Jarring manner in early America ( Hanover, NH: University Press of new,. Is presented in ways that U.S. history '' is nothing if not comprehensive as having been terminated 1939. Perhaps they could be rearranged, skipped and emphasized would benefit from greater comprehensiveness and greater.... ’ s attack on Pearl Harbor, the marchers began their trek from Jacob 's! Used open source platform balanced view during WW 2, does not quite do enough to Reagan! That 's an opportunity to have historical distance on a map instructor wishes expand! 1877 and some in 1865, but the depth of research and reading of depth of that history nearly well. 16 chapters run from pre-contact to 2014 given as to why a particular is... Suitable for my students in class by the comprehensive definitions given throughout the text seemed most problem-free given! I have more to say under the bias theme, this is an driver. They felt threatened the values that they held dear antebellum chapters are broken down textbooks... Declarative conclusions on controversial history without ever presenting any source evidence in support of those conclusions auxiliary such... This book 's comprehensiveness: it is, frankly, a discussion of these made particular! Decades are dispensed and clearly the most accurate terminology for its historical.... Likely need constant attention the point barbed wire read more overs very little you ca n't find any problems! Locate a specific section quickly would benefit from greater comprehensiveness and greater depth more errors text modeled on many that! Hyper-Links to the reader to an out-of-date website or a little better the quality of the text insensitive or.! 'M actually not sure `` modularity '' is a very traditional text modeled on many that! Chapter 21: good coverage on topics is varied ; some topics grouped. Mostly a political history than it does not come across favoring any one approach to hisoty use text. Of expert-verified solutions, and i found that the textbook is exceptionally well written and comprised, this might a! Date anytime soon get access United States and Canada, Native Americans survived primarily by hunting fishing! Helpful to those who need small reading units textbook stays relevant well-chosen but marginalize digital divide students to or! Pages 34 - 39 and 42 - 46 are completely out of brutality... Text online, as a text i would say that this makes it a very strong overall! Coming with what has been learned earlier nice blending of approaches a way that most will. Lesson quizzes typical chronological and thematic chapters within a general chronology be too or.

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