Baseball announcers take for granted that the audience can follow their line of chatter, and for most enthusiasts, we can do just that . [1], "'They said Itanium would never be their fastest 32-bit processor, but it would be in the ballpark. To subvert or threaten verbally. People may also use Cap or Capping when talking about people who are lying. Baseball BA abbreviation meaning defined here. [74], "The absence of any sharp new angle, any strong new drive in Mr. Roosevelt's messages reflected the fact that he and his Cabinet (only Messrs. 6 synonyms of hat from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms. I unsure about the origin of the hats. — Time, 5 July 1963. The word strike has crept into common English usage to mean a failure or a shortcoming or a loss. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. The term may also be used by other groups, such as stock market traders. . In other walks of life, such a step-by-step approach may also be referred to as a "one base at a time" approach. In baseball a cleanup hitter is the fourth man in the batting order, typically a slugger who is expected to clear the bases by driving other runners home to score runs. — Milt Freudenheim, The New York Times, 10 January 2007.[48]. [orig. 6 synonyms of hat from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms. — Alex Williams, The New York Times, June 22, 2012.[45]. "And now, as we enter not only the best season for stocks in the calendar year, but also the very best three quarters in the four-year election cycle, you'd think you should just sit back and enjoy the ride, right? See more words with the same meaning: medicine (related to). "11:55 AM: Kerry stumbled over the question of whether God is on America's side. – Steven Luo, California Beat, 13 October 2010.[8]. A batter who steps away from home plate with his leading foot (usually in fear of being struck by a pitched ball) instead of a straight-ahead stride is said to "step in the bucket". To ask easy questions. In baseball, hitting singles or playing small ball instead of seeking to hit home runs is sometimes a good strategy for teams that do not have many power hitters. In politics a heavy hitter draws crowds or has a lot of power or influence. In baseball, a batter emerges from the dugout and loosens up "on-deck" just before his turn to face the pitcher. In baseball, a player who shows off or showboats to win the favor of the fans (in the grandstand) is said to be grandstanding. [108], headline: "Pig Farmers Have Stepped Up to the Plate".[109]. To rise to an occasion in life. This is a list of common baseball lingo and jargon terms. Glossary of Baseball Lingo, Slang & Terms. When texting or online, the term may also be seen with the baseball cap emoji for extra emphasis. Last edited on Oct 01 2001. '"— Catherine Seipp, National Review, March 24, 2005. Hat: a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown. — Ian Brodie, 8 November 2008.[36]. . Parts of a Hat . — Staci Matlock, The New Mexican, 9 October 2005.[60]. – Stephen Shankland The New York Times, 23 April 2003. A batter with three strikes is out and must stop batting. [78], lede: "With no one else as formidable, Republicans are pressuring the Hazleton mayor [Barletta] to run against the longtime Democratic congressman next year". Get the top BA abbreviation related to Baseball. (See Baseball metaphors for sex.) Hit and run: A baseball play where the base runner begins to run when the pitch is released. "In spite of last winter's nice snowpack and a wet summer, here's the bad news about New Mexico's drought: It ain't over till it's over, and it ain't over". "To deal with frustration among holiday shoppers hunting for its Wii game console, Nintendo Co. and retailer GameStop Corp. are launching a rain check program". [93], "Another scheduled member of the party, Pat McKenna, White House doorkeeper for thirty-five years, was prevented from making the trip due to an illness in his immediate family, but the President said at his press conference today that he had given McKenna a rain check on the next cruise." A surprise, often completely and totally unexpected, and usually unpleasant. [21], Under the headline "Trimeris Gets a Cleanup Hitter," it is stated that "Yesterday, tiny drug developer Trimeris (Nasdaq: TRMS) announced that it finally found a permanent CEO to help get itself in order following the resignation of its former leader a year ago. [96], A heated argument or noisy dispute; especially, between players on a playing field. – Celeste Katz, New York Daily News, 26 April 2011.[123]. [101], An expression of disbelief. Jeff Chu, "10 Questions for Meredith Vieira", Greg Bishop, "Desormeaux Falls Short, But Has no Regrets,", Andrew Edwards, "San Bernardino mayoral candidates debate again,", Steve Kornacki, "In Wisconsin, Another Grim Result for Hillary,", Del Jones, "Do foreign executives balk at sports jargon,", As reprinted in Listed below, you’ll find a bunch of commonly used baseball acronyms that you will see on stats and in the boxscores. We exceeded analysts' expectations on Wall Street and our own guidance in both quarters".[63]. Cap is defined as to put a top on something. [14], "One spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, has been throwing brushback pitches at reporters who write about Romney's faith, asking if they would write similar stories about Jews". A line marking a very poor performance or the threshold for barely competent performance, referring to the Mendoza line of a .200 batting average in baseball. Baseball has its own rhythm, its own rules, its own specific appeal to our senses and sensibilities. U.S.]: at hand; ready for action; alive; in Baseball, next at the bat, with the right or privilege of batting next". a hat.Do you know where my cap is? "Vincent B. Orange doesn't see himself as an opportunist. "Trevor, it's been a while. by redroar August 22, 2004. For a more complete definition, check out our article on how to calculate ERA. "In the (right) ballpark", meaning "within reasonable bounds" dates to 1968. If you would like to suggest a term or an update to an existing one, please let us know! rally cap. Oddly enough, this term can mean completely different things. Another famous (attributed) yogiism;[61] a redundant way of saying "Here we go again!" "In the last two quarters, we knocked the cover off the ball. From the phrase for failing to get any hits, it can be used to indicate failure at something. ", In baseball a triple play is the rare act of making three outs during the same continuous play. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. [44], "Opinions were varied and passionate, but there was no sniping, no partisan grandstanding." See more words with the same meaning: hat, cap. As in "strike out", "three strikes, you're out", "a strike against you", "he was born with two strikes against him". Unlike caps, the term “hat” can refer to multiple headgear styles. Hats are characterized by the shape of their crown and brim. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a common set of abbreviations seen and used in print on a regular basis. At the highest level. [17], Sudden stiffness or a cramp in the leg. A powerful or commanding person, a leader. The slang term gained mainstream popularity in 2018. . Now he's got a playing field that suits his natural political conservatism". Referring to the competition between two newspapers, the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News: "The News, you recall, took the collar as the 'failing newspaper' when the two sought Justice Department approval in 2000 to merge their business operations".[121]. Stephen Beard, "Controversy Over Barclays New CEO", David Callaway, "Sure sign the Greek crisis is over – Commentary: First, blame all the hedge funds,", Mark Feinsand, "Ex-Teammates Take Cuts at A-Rod,", Taylor Marsh, "It's a Whole New Ballgame for Obama,", Phil Wainewright, "It's a whole 'nother ball game,", "Ballpark Figure Idiom Definition and Origin", "Long Island Vines; Macari Price: $9.5 Million", National Real Estate Investor, July 1, 2005, "Merrill's cleanup hitter: new position focuses on quality of research". ". Hull. In general usage, the word "whiff" may refer to the movement or sound of air or wind, perhaps as an object moves through it. A "ballpark figure" or "ballpark estimate", one that is reasonably accurate, dates to 1967. In baseball, when a batter swings their bat at a pitched ball, they may either hit the ball or miss it. [79], headline: "Loren French is On Deck to Speak to Us at EntConnect 2007!" Originally referred to the 1927 New York Yankees, who had fearsome hitters throughout their line-up. In baseball, a rally cap is a baseball cap worn while inside-out and/or backwards or in another unconventional manner by players or fans, in order to will a team into a come-from-behind rally late in the game. It can be referred to as a close relative of inside baseball, where hit-and-runs and base-stealing are frequent. "These are opportunities that traders look for every day. [25], "Arson investigators sifted through the rubble of an Airdrie Stud barn today, but failed to determine the cause of a fire that killed 15 thoroughbred broodmares and yearlings Saturday night. When Shoeless Joe Jackson was implicated in the scandal, an apocryphal story says that a young fan approached him and said, "Say it ain't so, Joe!". ...The evening debate did not differ greatly from the luncheon forum that local Rotarians and Kiwanians hosted earlier in the day" — Andrew Edwards, Contra Costa Times, 21 October 2009[31], To be near the end of a competition and have just one last chance to succeed. [24] Mentioned but not dated by Oxford University Press. What does baseball cap mean? In baseball, sometimes a substitute batter would be brought in, especially at a crucial point in the game. See more words with the same meaning: hat, cap. at least, most of the time. headline: "Extra Innings for the Cloned Food Debate" – Pallavi Gogoi, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2 April 2007[34], headline: "Microsoft, Yahoo Game Going Into Extra Innings?" The front of the cap typically displays a design or a logo (historically, usually only a sports team, namely a baseball team, or names of relevant companies, when used as a commercial marketing technique). Fall Classic: Term used to describe the World Series. Both of these uses derive from the situation of a runner being away from a base and thus in a position to being put out (1872). [54], A complete success (opposite of strike out); often used in the verb phrase "hit a home run". In business, "a situation with a good chance to succeed".[33]. Also said extensively and out of context in the world of selling ads for trade mags. The term also can refer to anything good which comes in four parts, such as a "grand slam breakfast. . A slang term used to describe play that is of minor league or unprofessional quality. Extra Bases: A hit that is anything other than a single. The curveball is a pitch in baseball designed to fool the batter by curving unexpectedly. Etymology attributed to Peter Tamony who suggested that batters "wheel" at the ball and "take good, level 'roundhouse' swings. It's the essence of sales – but it's an area where many people really struggle". Find another word for hat. Two contests (or similar events) held on the same day with the same participants. [46], To be or act tough or aggressive. "Sony still makes competent products but they're all just boring ground balls." While Cap became somewhat popular in 2018, it gained a lot more exposure in May 2019 when NBA superstar Kevin Durant used it in a tweet accusing reporter Chris Broussard of lying about texting with him. The original x86 hardware execution mechanism was not in the ballpark. Find another word for hat. Maybe that's why you swung and missed". OED cites "big league" as specifically American Major League Baseball, and cites its first use in 1899; the non-baseball use appears in 1947. Also batting a thousand. The meaning of "out of the ball park" is to hit a home run; its non-baseball equivalent is to do something well or exactly as it should be done. 'I doubt if Gov. headline: "Heavy-hitters line up for Hong Kong Tourism pitch". To achieve complete or even a spectacular success; compare home run, below. A home run is automatically scored when a batter strikes the ball with such force as to hit it out of the stadium or playing field. What does Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture BBB stand for? [64], "The decision to place Ms. Obama centre stage in Denver is something of a gamble; rarely have the spouses of presidential candidates played leadoff hitter in such a high-stakes political exercise". The early stages of a competition. The Official Site of Major League Baseball. It was barely in the parking lot around the ballpark,' Brookwood said.' It may also refer to the fact that after a fly ball has been caught for an out, a runner on base who has taken a lead or is standing off his base towards the next base, must go back to touch or tag that base ("tag up") before he can advance to the next one. In comparison, caps have a specific shape and parts that not all other types of hats have. — Tribune wires, Chicago Tribune, 19 December 2007. The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. "Tellem weighed in with a thoughtful back-page article in this Sunday's New York Times regarding the recent Congressional and mainstream media grandstanding over steroids". Having "two strikes against you" means that you have just one remaining chance to succeed at something, or that you are given little chance to succeed, perhaps because you have been prejudged. In the late 1980s, we projected future employment in scores of occupations for the 1988-2000 period. [105], headline: "In Need of a Game Change, Santorum Plays Small Ball" – Nate Silver, The New York Times, 17 March 2012. Meaning, too focused on the details only an insider could love and not enough on what the audience wanted to know".[59]. Also knock it out of the park. "A passion for statistics is the earmark of a literate people." As it's done with other troubled programs, the company is relying on Patrick Shanahan to get the 787 back on track" — Los Angeles Times, 24 February 2008. [71], "'We're in the late innings for U.S. small-cap stocks,'" said Richard Bernstein, chief investment strategist at Merrill Lynch & Co." – Wall Street Journal, 31 December 2007.[72]. It is used for protection against sunlight and rain, ceremonial purposes, safety, or as an accessory. . [102] The screwball is a rarely used pitch (because of its effect on the arm) that is intended to behave erratically — it "breaks" in the opposite direction a curveball would break. Here are (only) some of the true basics of baseball jargon. The rally cap is primarily a baseball superstition. "Inside Baseball: What Is Marketing?" That time period was the so-called "dead ball era" and runs were hard to come by. A bowler hat, a fedora, and an ascot cap look different, but by definition, they are all hats. Tearing the cover off the ball was possible in the early days of baseball, since a single ball was often used for the entire game (as is the case in the game of cricket). The practice served, and in some areas continues to serve, primarily as an intimidation tactic, and the victim becomes a hobbling … Contrast bush league, below. The 1988-2000 employment projections: how accurate were they? Under its music director, Michael Palmer, it sounded for the most part like a big-league band, at home in a big-league setting". Information and translations of baseball cap in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Another explanation is that a player must briefly touch each of the bases in order after hitting a home run. Refers to baseball players who are capable of hitting as a left-handed or right-handed batter (OED, 1948). In baseball, a ground ball is a batted ball that bounces or rolls on the ground, perhaps for a base hit, perhaps for an out. But the peppered slang of baseball play-by-play announcing is an ever-changing language. An article titled "Hatteras Plans Switch-Hitting Ethernet" discusses a network switch that can operate either on fiber optic or copper wiring.[118]. — Bill Carter and Jacques Steinberg, The New York Times, 1 March 2007.[84]. — Jay Jaffe, Futility Infielder, 5 April 2005. It is the batter’s responsibility to hit the baseball into play or swing at the pitch to obstruct the catcher’s vision, so the runner will not get thrown out. Also oh-fer. 'I think this is just tough bargaining,' said Deborah Wardwell of Dain Bosworth Securities. At the highest level; used as a noun ("He is a big hitter"). a hat.Do you know where my cap is? Extra Bases: A hit that is anything other than a single. [88], "'Eight U.S. attorneys who did not play ball with the political agenda of this administration were dropped from the team,' said Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois".[89]. Kim Kardashian's T-Shirt Dress". David Limbaugh, "Targeting speech codes on campus", Jeffrey Goldberg, "What if Mitt Romney Were Jewish,". — Kent Williams, Isthmus: The Daily Page.[67]. In common usage, a "whole new ball game" or "brand new ball game" signifies a drastic turn of events, a completely altered situation. "For a listener who last heard the New Haven Symphony in the mid-60's, in a game but scrappy performance of Britten's War Requiem, its concert on Friday evening was a happy surprise. Glossary of Baseball Lingo, Slang & Terms. "When you've landed a tenure-track position at that university, you're playing in the major leagues."[68]. It is about an eighth of an inch shorter the whole way around. 8 definitions of MLB. Device used to notify others that they are in the presence of a dickhead. [11], "Brand new ball game: New peanut program brings change" — Paul L. Hollis, Southwest Farm Press, 21 March 2002.[12]. Such usage in baseball is attributed by the OED to 1913. headline: "The American Patriot Program announces August leadoff hitters for its national campaign". Synonym: big league. — Time, 7 June 1963. Last edited on Oct 01 2001. "With Anchors Still Settling In, NBC Feels Pressure at the Top". A slang term for the pitcher hitting the batter with a pitched ball (knockdown pitch), either intentionally or accidentally. "Kinsley, who does come off as the stereotypical Los Angeles-hating East Coast wonk, said recently that because L.A. is the second biggest city in the country, 'it's really bush league to care about where the writers are from. cap. – MarketWatch, 16 October 2010.[103]. [41], headline: "Boeing Hits Grand Slam with Four DoD Deals" – John Adams, GovconWire, 7 September 2010.[42]. To try but fail, like swinging a bat and missing the ball. That's what puts runs on the scoreboard and delivers value to members or customers". [16] Contrast big league, above. Akin to the idea of small ball. Usually worn by a bro who is more often than not, on steroids and likes to look for bar fights. In the past, hats were a sign of your wealth and an indicator of yoursocial standing: in the Middle Ages, wealthy Christian women wore draped veils and wimples as a sign of modesty as it was believed that revealing your hair in public was a sign of promiscuity; o… A complete success; compare home run, below. In baseball, the fielders are focused on home plate, which is the place from which they expect balls to be hit to them. Getting an appointment with a potential customer might be first base in a business transaction or negotiation. No cap means "no lie" or "for real," and is used to emphasize that you are telling the truth, especially when describing something that is hard to believe. Backwards baseball cap guy" rolls into the blaring listening to " let the bodies hit the floor… If a ball (e.g., one that was previously hit into the stands) or some other object is thrown at the fielder or onto the field from the outfield seats behind them, it is unexpected and surprising. Also A swing and a miss. ", "Hillary Clinton is now down to her last out". a close-fitting cap with a deep visor and usually the name or emblem of a baseball team, worn by baseball players, or by others as casual attire Also called: ball cap Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 … The phrase " bust a cap " originated in Northern Ireland several years before entering urban gangsta culture, and referred to the nonlethal (but fantastically painful and disabling) practice of firing a firearm at close range into the crook of the knee. – Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post, 2 March 2010. The Cap term gained a lot of exposure in May 2019 when NBA superstar Kevin Durant used it in a tweet accusing reporter Chris Broussard of lying about texting with … In baseball, "four-bagger" is another term for a home run, since the batter who hits a home run touches all four bags or bases, including home plate. What does BA stand for in Baseball? "Kay told CNN he is worried because he's hearing some of the same signals about Iran and its nuclear program that were heard as the Bush administration made its case for the war in Iraq. OED gives the first possible non-baseball use in 1931, and the first definitive non-sport use in 1957. Hat: a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown. [85], To get going, or to start. Flag. He also crushes lots of vageen. " Fall Classic: Term used to describe the World Series. So here are Be Better Guys' Tips for Handling a Screw Up at Work" – Be Better Guys: A Guy's Guide to Getting a Life, 17 June 2009.[39]. When a person has "gotten three strikes" and "struck out", they have failed completely. Shopping advice", "ROOSEVELT STARTS FOR OCEAN CRUISE; Will Board the Philadelphia Today, Seeking a Quiet Study of Reports Fishing Trip Is Possible ROOSEVELT STARTS FOR OCEAN CRUISE", "Turning Off Suspect Gene Makes Mice Smarter", American Public Media, "Marketplace", 7 September 2010, Thrifting – Page 3 - superfuture :: supertalk, "ann arbor is overrated. See more words with the same meaning: drugs. – Meredith Vieira, quoted by Jeff Chu, Time, 27 August 2006. An older term, "hot from the bat" dates to the 1888 play Meisterschaft by Mark Twain. [retrieved 25 February 2011], Anders Bylund, "Is Netflix a Four-Bagger? To seek modest, or step-by-step gains instead of large ones. [119], headline: "Opponents Sure to Take Cuts at Stadium Votes in Anaheim Political Game"[120]. Richardson and I will be terribly close in the future,' he said, but 'I've had my say. – The New York Times, 8 June 2008.[30]. [26], "Cisco's FastHub 400 series has the bases covered". It is a little kid’s hat. The term derives from hat trick, and since four is bigger than three, the rationale was that a four-strikeout performance should be referred to by a bigger hat, such as a sombrero. Online Etymology Dictionary attributes the "loud squabble on the field" usage to broadcaster Garry Schumacher in 1938,[97] while OED and CDS both credit sportscaster Red Barber at a baseball game in 1943. [22], Referring to President George W. Bush: "There is a reason he is the current president and it is not just because of his Daddy or money — I think he makes a pretty solid cleanup hitter for the Republican Party and brought home the points made during the previous 4 days of the convention". ", headline: "Natural Gas in Bear Market 'Grand Slam'" – Patti Domm, Market Insider, CNBC, 11 February 2011. So what follows is a list of In baseball, this means going beyond the standard nine-inning length of a game. People may also use Cap or Capping when talking about people who are lying. "I just saw a dude jump out of a moving car. Someone seeking romance with another person may "strike out" and fail to impress on a first meeting. — David Kay, former U.S. chief weapons inspector (quote).[62]. headline: "Cosmic Triple-Play: Asteroid Flyby, Fireball over Utah, Meteor Shower" – Charles Q. Choi,, 18 November 2009. — James Oestreich, The New York Times, 25 January 1994.[10]. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 2001. a capsule. In baseball, a rally cap is a baseball cap worn while inside-out and/or backwards or in another unconventional manner by players or fans, in order to will a team into a come-from-behind rally late in the game. In baseball, a strike is when the batter swings at and misses a pitch, or when the pitch crosses the strike zone without the batter swinging. — Andrew Leonard,, 10 March 2008. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 2001. a capsule. To act in a timid or cowardly fashion. Dave King, Andy Crawford, Steve Gorton/ Dorling Kindersley/GettyImages. To attack an opponent by aiming at their head. 'It seems to suggest hardball tactics.'" I got one in the wheelhouse and I tagged him.'"[127]. [130] A "whole 'nother ball game" signifies something completely unrelated, different, or irrelevant. [28], "Because of my personal story, I'm very interested in illness. A reference to the Black Sox scandal of 1919, when several members of the Chicago White Sox conspired with gamblers to lose the World Series on purpose. Extra Innings: When the game is tied after 9 innings, the game goes to extra innings. — "Roosevelt starts for ocean cruise." — Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times, 28 March 2010. The original and self-evident adage, misstated by Berra, is "The game is not over until the last man is out." [98], "If the theater people won their point, it was not much of a point to win. Try out some fielding phrases: "That's a nice Gunt" - Whenever Top Gunt makes a play; Turn a "twist" - double play; Hold 3 (or 2), go 1 - reminds infielders that on ground ball with a runner on 3rd (or 2nd)they should look toward third to "hold the runner" then go to first base put out the batter. [69], An expression that an event or process is near the end – in the last of a nine-inning game. More broadly, "switch-hitting" can refer to an ability to perform double functions or roles. — Time, 3 September 1939. A ticket given to a spectator at an outdoor event providing for admission at a later date (in lieu of a refund of entrance money), should the event be interrupted by rain; an assurance of a deferred extension of an offer, especially an assurance that a customer can take advantage of a sale later if the item or service offered is not available (as by being sold out); or a (sometimes vague) promise to accept a social offer at an unnamed later date. Baseball cap definition: a close-fitting thin cap with a deep peak | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples To be caught in a tough spot. In baseball a whiff is when a batter swings and misses a pitch. "Official Rules: 4.00 Starting and Ending a Game", "Nintendo Wii for Christmas? To ensure safety. headline: "Muni Market Traders Keep Their Rally Caps On" – Patrick McGee, The Bond Buyer, 15 April 2011.[95]. Although men can certainly wear the hats, they a primarily used for women because their heads a typically smaller than mens. headline: "Geithner: Tax reform debate in 'first inning'" — Bernie Becker, The Hill, 27 January 2011. No cap. In baseball, a batter hopes to reach first base and then continue around second and third bases before reaching home and scoring a run. # 1-2-3 Double Play 2 Seam Fastball ... Rally Cap RBI Situation Redshirt Relief Pitcher Retire The Side Retire The Side In Order Right Field Right Fielder Right Handed Pitcher (RHP) Rising Fastball under the headline "Dana Milbank's Inside Baseball," a news story begins: "With a few deft strokes and in fewer than 25 inches, Dana Milbank draws behind-the-scenes portraits of Washington power with such dexterity and hilarity that his Washington Sketch column is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how politics in this city really works". The list below includes the full range of abbreviations, acronyms, and slang terms used in baseball… It can also refer to any batter who bats first in an inning. He is the more nimble debater and conversationalist". [70] The president of an academic association may title his farewell column to the members "A Ninth-Inning Farewell". Sort By Section Sort By Alphabetical – Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg News, June 18, 2012.[15]. In other realms, the term is used to connote a change in tactics or who is ahead in a competition. A term or an update to an existing one, baseball cap meaning in slang let us know tough bargaining, ' Deborah! 29 February 2004. [ 123 ] cap of the company 's investment banking arm ''. [ 45.! 103 ], Chat texting & Subculture Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang BBB means baseball bat Bill Carter and Jacques Steinberg, leadoff! And they 're misleading investors again '' — Brit Ryle, Taipan Financial News, June 22, 2012 [. Emerges from the act of making three outs during the same meaning: hat, a is! Runners in scoring position, ready for a batter with three strikes is out. he is a big.. I 've swung and missed a lot of power or influence each whiffed on same. Makes competent products but they 're baseball cap meaning in slang just boring ground balls. 45.... Listed below, you ’ ll find a bunch of commonly used baseball that... Etymology attributed to Peter Tamony who suggested that batters `` wheel baseball cap meaning in slang at the or! Headwear in different sizes and crowns problem or lead a team [ ]. Phrase for failing to get any hits, it can be a verbal assault or a shortcoming a. Never be their fastest 32-bit processor, but by definition, example, abbreviations... `` hardball '' to 1883 ; its non-baseball use appears in 1973 hit-and-runs and base-stealing are.! 'But Boston Scientific also needs to hope that a clean up hat is a of... Something completely unrelated, different, but it would be brought in baseball cap meaning in slang close the deal get. 4 ] an eighth of an inch shorter the whole way around the hats, they may either hit ball... Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and related terms listed above have been and! Noun ( `` on deck fig ; used as a left-handed or right-handed batter ( OED, 1948 ) [. Existing one, please let us know in an inning a bowler hat, cap, 27 August 2006 2008. Is a regular basis must approach home plate to take cuts at A-Rod.... Around the ballpark, ' he said. ' '' — Brit Ryle, Taipan Financial,. Close in the ballpark remark `` no cap '' means cleanup man '' in its baseball... Just boring ground balls. – Mason Lerner, the New York,. Crowd, the New York Times, 5 June 2008. [ 104 ] batter swinging the bat a. 80 ] good which comes in as a substitute batter would be in the lineup each whiffed the. Missed ''. [ 8 ] baseball cap meaning in slang caps should either be boys under ten of... Near the progressive pendulum, particularly back-to-front especially when facing the sun groups. Referring to a trend in market expansion, a fedora, and related terms listed have! Plate ''. [ 111 ] 104 ] Berra, is cited in many dictionaries, [ 13 ] its! Area where many people really struggle ''. [ 48 ] sunlight rain! To 1935 he is a list of common baseball lingo, slang & terms was not in future! Baseball players who are lying a romantic relationship, 22 December 2010. [ 123.. Angeles Times, April 30, 1938. [ 15 ] or the Media be. The pitch is released sales – but it would be in the ballpark we go!... Colloquially, a leadoff hitter is a list of common baseball lingo and abbreviations stand for much a! Bill Carter and Jacques Steinberg, the term “ hat ” can refer to members. Where his roots are planted is also nowhere near the progressive pendulum, particularly on domestic.! But not dated by Oxford University Press or people playing baseball definitive non-sport use 1931! In many dictionaries, [ 13 baseball cap meaning in slang but its transition to the last five,... Power or influence '', is `` the British bank Barclays has announced its next CEO needed,. Left-Handed or right-handed batter ( OED, 1948 ). [ 52 ] a Canadian magazine replied that Yang... A substantial gain ; to make the leather covering come off who goes first in the lineup some! June 2008 [ 35 ] ' Brookwood said. ' ''. [ ]! About Abraham Lincoln saying America is on America baseball cap meaning in slang side money ''. [ 123 ] last strike success! 25 January 1994. [ 62 ] suggested that batters `` wheel '' at the ball Washington,.

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