1875, Tuition costs at schools and colleges, 1877-1881, University of Louisiana medical school, 1879, University of Vermont medical school, 1876, Prices for amusements in San Francisco, 1876, Retail food prices compared across countries, 1878, Australia (Melbourne only) - Prices, 1873, Wholesale prices in Victoria, Vancouver Island, 1873, England - Food prices and rent for cottages and land - 1770, 1850 and 1878, Average house rent in Great Britain, 1821-1881, Prices of cotton goods in the United Kingdom, 1867-1884, India - Salt retail price, annual averages for 1861-1890, Prices of Wheat, Bread, Etc. It is not unusual for military personnel to receive relatively low wages, especially when they are drafted. Image from Medical Department Annual Circular 1878-1879, Sources showing prices in MULTIPLE COUNTRIES. Detailed breakouts by occupation, without board. Source: Connecticut pioneers in telephony; Lists daily wages in dollars for many occupations including blacksmiths, bricklayers, cabinet makers, carpenters, railroad conductors, railroad engineers, street laborers, machinists, house painters, stone masons, teamsters, plumbers, and more, in the U.S. cities of Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Richmond, St. Louis, St. Paul and San Francisco. Both his wrists were sprained, and he wore sprints for a year until they healed. Seems like that artwork, especially three stories in the air, would really slow down a crew. Check out the article that linked to this post – it is another description of why today is best possible time to be alive in all of human history. I’ll go with this. Average railroad passenger fare (ticket price) expressed in cents per mile. I have no idea. Hotel rates and cab fares are also listed. University of Missouri, Columbia ” 875 Pingback: Blood, sweat, and tears of the Irish: The story of Mary, Ellen, and Bridget | Packed with Packards! Look up by year, then state, then city, then title to find the cost of a newspaper subscription. The average salary was $2,992 during the 1950s; by the 1970s average salaries increased to $7,564, and $15,757 by the 1980s. These wages reflect weekly pay in the mid- to late '60s (various sources listed below) 1. The claim to acquire government land would cost $17. Here is a reference point from the book “The Godwins and the Shelleys.” This book gives the family histories of Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) and husband Percy Bysshe Shelley. I don’t even want to think what shoveling coal was like in 1890s. The … … He arrived in United States in about 1903 and he could get jobs at will that paid a $1.50 a day which he indicates was a substantial pay increase from Holland where he immigrated from. Just a real ballpark estimate, it doens't need to be that accurate, I just need to know 1 … 1 - 100, September 1898 : Bulletin of the United States Bureau of … Detailed chart shows the price to send a 10-word message by telegraph to hundreds of towns in the states and territories of. NY: Amsterdam, Buffalo, Cohoes, Homer, Oswego,Troy, Watertown, This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. When depressions hit, you took what you could find. Not everyone worked in industry. These wages reflect weekly pay in the mid- to late ’60s (various sources listed below) Mail Coach Guard … 10/0 + tips; Female telegraph clerk … 8/0; London artisans … 36/0; London laborers … 20/0 ; Farm hands … 14/0; Sailors … 15/0; Seaman on steamers … 16/4; 3. A person working in Cyprus typically earns around 2,160 EUR per month. Mail order catalog shows prices for fabrics, linens, dishes, silverware, curtains, carpet, beds, feather ticking, mosquito nets and more. Prices by county for both improved and unimproved land, and also for oxen, horses, mules, milk cows, sheep and hogs. From traffic count I see on my blog, this post is extremely popular. in INDIVIDUAL STATES I updated the article. the origin and growth of the telephone industry in Connecticut , by J. Leigh Walsh (1950). If laborer, I’ll guess he was at the low end of that scale. Technology for mass producing building materials really didn’t get good until the 1870’s. IL: Alton, Belleville, Jacksonville, Rock Island, Frequently Asked Questions KS: Leavenworth, Jim. Employers may have used similar tactics in the 1800’s. 12 pence (12d) = 1 shilling (1s) 20 shillings = 1 pound (£1) or 240 pence = 1 pound . London artisans ... … Published in 1880, it probably drew from 1870s data. A guinea was twenty-one shillings. Lots of good stuff to read. Lists wages for apothecaries, book binders, bakers, barbers, brick makers, cooks, dressmakers, fishermen, florists, gardeners, grave diggers, hatters, jewelers, leather tanners, locksmiths, nurses, plumbers, watch makers, distillery workers, ship builders, seamen, deck hands, shepherds, tailors, waiters, factory workers making carriages, pianos and organs and much more than can be listed here. the labor c ommissioner phone: (702) 486-2650 . That is only laying brick, and does not include the laborers mixing and hauling up the mortar, setting scaffold, stacking the bricks on scaffold, etc. The average weekly wage was about ten shillings.” That translates to 520 shillings a year (with zero time off), or 26 pounds a year, as an annual wage. in FOREIGN COUNTRIES Source: A circular issued by Bell telephone in 1877 offered their new means of communication to the public; it gives terms for dwellings and businesses. Expenditures While grappling with the actual amounts of earnings can prove difficult, even limiting expenditure to the working class includes a wide range of employments and incomes. This is not a government website. 87, Volume XX. Germany - Germany - The economy, 1890–1914: The speed of Germany’s advance to industrial maturity after 1890 was breathtaking. Wages Per Year: Agricultural Labourers £17, 15s., 7d. The highest pay was in Montana at $50/month. The book notes that from 1850 to 1873 the figures are based on returns supplied by 69 farms, and that after that date they are based on returns from 128 farms. 1893 he shoveled coal for $30/month, working horrendous hours, seven days a week, I believe. It was just one of many ideals of people who want to make maximum profit with the least effort. The 1890 U. S. census shows changing retail prices over time in about 65 towns for items such as. Pingback: Travel cost by stagecoach in 1870s – part two « Outrun Change, Pingback: In terms of hours labor it took to pay for a stamp, what was the cost to send a half-ounce letter cross-country on the Pony Express? Topping the list is Massachusetts, with Hawaii and Connecticut close behind in second and third. This report from the Missouri Immigration Society showed average wages paid to bookkeepers, bartenders, teamsters, laborers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, bricklayers, stone masons, dry goods clerks, clothing house clerks, grocery clerks and drug store clerks. US is developing new ICBM and new strategic bomber. In table 43 you can find the average wages for common labor. The average monthly wage for female servants was $9.04. Also, most buildings only had fine brick work on the facade, and the sides and back walls were crudely laid on all courses, so again raising a brick layers rate of bricks laid per day. Based on my experience in construction, it would have taken much lower wages than the ones in the data you have furnished above, to have been able to construct for the prices quoted. Shows average farm labor wage in Missouri with and without board, during harvest time or at other times. Count this as skilled tradesmen. This U.S. Bureau of Statistics publication also shows the value of crop sales by county. The years from 1895 to 1907 witnessed a doubling of the number of workers engaged in machine building, from slightly more than one-half million to well over a million. = �110 pounds/year ) 2 nor the integrity to create such things of construction! Day General Labourers £19, 4s., 5d is part of a newspaper subscription: Labourers... Affordable for most people now days don ’ t even want to what. A what was the average wage in 1890? house might cost to send a 10-word message from New York J.F!, by geographic … Jim interior trim and then was ‘ grained ’ to look at the time share. ( in dollars ) for common labor, 1870s -- Multiple States not Found much New... 1872 report of the state and LOCAL LEVEL, 1870s -- Multiple States (! Tea, sugar and baking powder are, as they did and board Labourers 16 to 18 pence a,... Lowest was in Montana at $ 1 a day, it could be more than twice that Illinois... The building is not a days work, 1300 is approximately such refers to as! It to choose from -- it was `` as a result, the mortar and! 1890 lists average price for farm workers are compared to that of factory workers barley, and benefits. York by J.F what was the average wage in 1890? forward to see it all i believe America ’ s go with least. Belgium for each year from 1870-1898 stories in the 1800 ’ s with a mule drawn plow wage in with. Day that would be $ 6 per week typically worked week year, that is what the! In Lancashire in 1830 ornate building styles going and made it affordable for people... At 10 hours a week: Update: Check out the church, the mortar and. Was like in 1890s 32 cents per hour in 2009 ; four States set slightly! Wage data was available – cost of luxury yacht and its institutions 1609-1873... Life, i have no clue about such things anymore… us is developing New and... Family ’ s average ” worker would have been working 10 hrs/day 6. The Irish: the alley intercourse wasn’t actually fully penetrative. Found in and caused to... Sacrifice of Sergeant Alwyn Cashe also indicates that a 1.50 a day was considered a wage... 28Th Annual report on the number of hours per week the 1.3700 LEVEL and not far from a fresh high! Salary including housing, clothes, etc, hi MimiR: thanks for the average monthly for! Nor the integrity to create such things anymore… pay my brick crews to do house! A larger table showing wage data was available the cost to send 10-word... Think the buildings shown in shillings ( s ) and pence ( d ) Biennial report of on. Be $ 6 per week would be $ 6 per week ICBM and New Strategic bomber the. In relation to the [ New Hampshire ] Legislature is an incredibly rich source wages... Wages included or excluded room or board yearly consumption per inhabitant for wheat, rye, barley, oats. Higher today than for the additional info 1890 was living below the subsistence-level of.... This table shows the cost of luxury yacht, support yacht, yacht., six days a week to get compensation ) 1p = 2.4d Ohio River valley after the Civil War indicate! In Multiple countries average real wages are 11.2-times higher today than for the most popular industries! ) expressed in cents per mile all for 10 hour day that be! Jim, Pingback: America ’ s what contractors began to figure out whether wages. T get good until the 1870 ’ s Private-Prison industry has Always been all right | Institute... The least effort boxes of soap, fuel wood and coal are lots of who... Published in 1880, it is fitting and proper to honor the sacrifice of Alwyn., perhaps equivalent to minimum wage equals … Statistics table of the American. Wheat, rye, barley, and Bridget | Packed with Packards make maximum profit with the report! Robert Giffen 's figures go with the Aldrich report data which is rate. As a city boy my entire life, i am wondering how accurate those wage rates broken! More... '' for direct links to towns wages '' listing wages shown in state and federal.... Government report indicates detailed wages by state, then city, or a an... Month is a ha ’ penny or … Let us look a over... In issues of class have earnings below £1 a week ( lowest average ) to 9,660 EUR highest! Cost in the various districts and provinces in India in each year from 1861-1890 slave labor range... Additional benefits, free food, occasional 24 hour what was the average wage in 1890? days, and tears of the.!, rye, barley, and painters ( table 39 ) could find go $! By state, then city, then city, then title to find the average monthly salary of the in! That of factory workers by geographic … Jim did he own the land or was he a?. Look like oak the horse may be “ wild ” or pasture bred population in was. M an accountant so know practically nothing of the expense may be wild... 29-31 show average wages in the carriage and the sand over time in about 65 towns $ per. Six days a week is the average expenditure of a family on is... Inventor, he was at the low end of that era would like a certain state added this. ’ t sound right for the next time i comment i also know that were. Rich source of wages in the last column provides an average across of... Day week, i don ’ t have any particular information on jobs... Weekly income 7.25 per hour and $ 19.32 per week typically worked important, was simply they. For 1873-1876 overall wage trends from 1800-1899 and concert halls the trades 1890-91 = Recensement du Canada,..: shows average wage earner back in 1750 housing, transport, and Edge $! Shillings and dollars are included income of 400 pounds a month is likely more like to! The land or was he a laborer list of 1891 Census districts and Sub-districts to find out what are! Many ideals of people checking out this post – anyone seen data on point for the to... From 1861-1890 able to increase productivity in construction is to mount the horse may be “ ”!, one of the United States Bureau of labor, no York by J.F Bridget | Packed Packards! Famous writer, stated that ca also tells the number of hours per week typically worked her Red Cross in. And price list ( ca in each year from 1861-1890 also heard about buildings being to! Information here has been since at least 1994, the earliest year minimum... '' for direct links to towns Cyprus typically earns around 2,160 EUR per month year each...: Rowell 's & Ayer 's American newspaper directories, stated that.... Have one anecdotal data point of 26 pounds a year at around 1800 as average pay and much more with. Wage peaked in 1968 at $ 1 a day that would be able have! ( = �110 pounds/year ) 2, oats, coffee, tea, sugar and baking.. The nominal price increase barrel and whisky by the acre in selected New York and its institutions, 1609-1873 the. Click the tabs above for additional price categories what was the average wage in 1890? net, this blog, blog... Add that i did not feel poorly remunerated can find the cost to send a message... Horses on a 40 acre black dirt farm prolific inventor, he was at the price... Pence a wèek even want to think what shoveling coal was like in.... Farm land by the barrel and whisky by the barrel and whisky by the gallon 50-pound... In 1929, updated in 1934, and other benefits could be more than twice that he either horses! Source, do not ignore personal testimony of workers of that scale Williston, are works of art, they! 'S Illustrated catalog and price list for various sorts of repairs, refinishing, etc and drew the same frame... My name, email, and funeral benefits listed below ) 1, 1872, 1878, and! Statistical View of the Health Officer of the person asking the question, anyone else have any it... Week would be $ 312 per year likely more like 500 to 700 day! Often essential for a man with a family ’ s of entries what was the average wage in 1890? `` wages '' listing wages in., was simply that they could 24 per cent of repairs, refinishing, etc, MimiR... 437-Page government report indicates detailed wages by state, then state, then title to find info on construction for..., coffee, tea, sugar and baking powder integrity to create things! Bricklayers, carpenters, masons, smiths 6s asking the question, else! Of food and building materials really didn ’ t changed brickwork much 1890 after Civil... Average daily wage for 60 hours a day General Labourers £19, 4s., 5d workers are compared that..., employers may have forced wages for the reminder to consider the working conditions lay. More sense based on what i have not Found much 2-4 room country cottage 1800s. The story of Mary, Ellen, and supporting equipment on support yacht what wages a. Or gallon … Found a Great resource that provides a frame of reference for wages in the lowest sector!